ROTTEN HILL GANG Release New album ‘Teach Peace’ in July – Listen to Track

ROTTEN HILL GANG Release New album 'Teach Peace' in July - Listen to Track

It’s Rap and Roll, a mash-up of styles, all under one album… Trying to explain the immoral wrongs of the world within the words of where they come from. Re-educating themselves and saying what they believe in their songs, that’s why Rotten Hill Gang have named their new album ‘Teach Peace’.

Education, housing, healthcare, food banks, racism, corporate greed, tax evasion, climate change, child abuse and religion all need to be addressed properly, not swept under the carpet to be covered up by the next scandal. We need moral leaders who are strong and willing to die for their beliefs. These topics and much more are covered here, on this politically challenging beast of an album.

Rotten Hill Gang believe that we all need to be speaking our minds about what’s going on. Peace can be just as prosperous as war. Even for the corporations, there’s nothing wrong with making money, it’s what you do with it that counts. It’s not where we’re from, it’s where we’re at.

Check out ‘Partys Ova’ – BELOW:

Rotten Hill Gang

Formed in a heartbeat within the cracks and back alleys of Ladbroke Grove and Portobello, evolving over a lifetime from Powis Square to Times Square. Rotten Hill Gang are a perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of their parts. A W11 based collective of street poets and classically trained musicians thrown into a room to record and film the chaos in an attempt to make music and TV exciting again. With a no fear attitude of “achievement is the belief of the imagination.”

Based around a backbone of

Gary McPherson AKA Dirty White../bass/DJ/Street star/vocals
Rotten Red West AKA Redskin../Rapper/Poet/Wordsmith
Martin Hallett AKA Mallett../Drum/Perc/Vocals/programmer
Gus Robertson AKA BeetleGus../Guitars/vocals/Selector

The album also features Hollie Cook and Annie Bea, two stunningly talented writers/performers and Fjokra Mac, the multi-instrumentalist who can pick out a tune with his teeth.

Over the last twelve months, this cast of mavericks have performed and recorded with a huge array of artists including, members of The Clash, Sex Pistols, Blondie, The Slits, Ian Hunter (Mott The Hoople), Beth Orton, The Jim Jones Revue, The Computers, Richard Archer (Hard Fi), Tapper Zukie, Dawn Penn, Max Romeo, Shingi (The Noisettes) and Earl Slick whilst Don Letts and Paul Oakenfold have deejayed at RHG events, the latter remixing ‘Might As Well Quit’ from RHG’s debut album. Film-makers Julien Temple, Roger and Tom Pomphrey have also been around to film the action, the list really is endless.

All this, of course, is Rotten Hill Gang blowing smoke up their own arses. But it’s not just them, word is catching on that this band have got something worthwhile. You don’t have to believe another boring bio, just take a listen to this mesmerising album that is sure to be the soundtrack to many festivals this Summer, dig in and turn it up. TEACH PEACE.


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