ROSE MCDOWALL announces reissue of 'Cut With The Cake Knife'

ROSE MCDOWALL announces reissue of  'Cut With The Cake Knife'

Born in times of difficulty and adventure, Cut With The Cake Knife is the debut album from Rose McDowall, solo-artist and ex-member of cult pop group Strawberry Switchblade. Originally recorded in 1988-89 and now re-mastered and reissued by Night School and Sacred Bones (US).

Marking the beginning of an extensive archive project spanning Rose’s 34 year career, Cut With The Cake Knife will include unreleased recordings alongside unseen photographs and detailed new sleeve notes.

Recorded in various locations around the UK and Iceland following the break up of Strawberry Switchblade, the original 9-track Cut With The Cake Knife album featured songs written and demoed for the group’s fabled second album.

Rose says of the title track, "'Cut With The Cake Knife' was meant to be on the second Strawberry Switchblade album, but that never happened so I wasn’t going to waste a good song, right? All of these songs have strong emotive memories for me, the lyrics are very personal, but I never feel the need to explain anything; I feel like the songs are there for people." Listen below...

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