The Winachi Tribe bring together urban swagger, soul and funk to create unique electro-funk grooves; a sonic soul collective who are unrestrained by boundaries or formulas, either musically or culturally.

Today sees the debut release of the Time for Love EP, and it’s a pure groove fest that’s gonna have your head bopping no end. It’s a three tracker, so here’s the rundown. Time for Love has a 70s funky disco groove with its smooth catchy lyrics, it’s instantly brilliant and ticks all the boxes. It has a modern fresh feel to boot, but from any angle, it’s a track that will appeal to everyone.

As for Plant the Seed, if you like a bit of pure electro funk with an ambience reminiscent of the late 80s and 90s, the like of which might have been heard pouring out the walls of the Hacienda in its glory days, then your gonna love it! There are those of us who have a special place in our hearts for those days as it was a real watershed period. The Hacienda, for many, symbolises all that was great about that era.

No one here needs a history lesson I’m sure. So what’s the relevance you ask? Plant the Seed is featured in a new documentary ‘Do You Own the Dance Floor‘, which tells the story of the Hacienda. Track #3 TFL (Love Maze 4DD Remix) is an ambient house track just oozing with class. The retro style with a fresh face, is just what the doctor ordered for turnin on, tunin in, and chillin out.

Overall, it’s a fantastic EP that will instantly grab the balls of those late 30’s and early 40 somethings who get a bit nostalgic about the early days of the Madchester scene. It doesn’t matter if they were there, or like most of us, just followed the music. The sound is nailed and it’s great that people who are less fortunate to have been born later, will definately be getting behind The Winachi Tribe, and maybe this EP will be the gateway for them to get into the groove that defined a generation.


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