REVIEW: October Drift - Naked EP


REVIEW: October Drift - Naked EP 2

October Drift returns with their acoustic EP Naked released on Physical Education Records on 6th November. This follows on from the success of their debut album Forever Whatever, released earlier this year, which received critical acclaim.

Naked includes stripped back versions of their album tracks Naked/Cinnamon Girl and new tracks Like The Snow We Fall/Still. This allows the listener to pick up minutiae that might be otherwise missed when hearing their usual wall of guitar sound.

Title track Naked begins with a poignant piano and Kiran Roy’s tender, but powerful vocals. Searing lyrics merge with orchestrated strings and highlight the intricacies of the band’s soulful, song-writing skills. “We’re just dead leaves at the bottom of a drained swimming pool….why is the dark so dazzling?”

Acoustically Cinnamon Girl is raw and expressive. The lyrics and musical delivery are astute and vivid in the description. “Cinnamon Girl just plays on repeat and the ground falls away beneath my feet”. The strings and haunting harmonies complement the whole song. Further exposed sentiments come in the form of new song Still. It is poetic with added textures of simple acoustic guitar, Beatle-esque strings and cutting emotion.

New song Like The Snow We Fall is anthemic. An elegiac theme and powerful lyrics “I sailed the seas to get here” abound as each layer builds in this intimate track finishing with an orchestrated crescendo. It is accompanied by a passionately-driven video showing shots of the band on-stage and also as teenagers (including a cheeky Kieran on his skateboard), you can feel how tight the bond is between the band.

October Drift are electrifying live. However in the absence of this, Naked captures them at their most authentic and inspired. This stripped away format really highlights the subtle intensities of their songs in a new light that cut through to the bone. Get this band on your radar now.

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