Review: Love Amongst Ruin – “Way To Your Heart” EP


Review: Love Amongst Ruin - “Way To Your Heart” EP

Love Amongst Ruin enjoyed huge success with the release of their sophomore album Lose Your Way last year, with the accompanying acoustic album, recorded over one weekend, released earlier this year. They’re now back with a brilliant new single Way To Your Heart – produced by front-man, Steve Hewitt alongwith Love Amongst Ruin guitar companion Donald Ross Skinner and mixed by Dan Austin (Doves, Pixies, Maximo Park). The EP is released today through Smile Records.

A steady, energetic guitar and drum beat open up the track and Hewitt’s trademark moody and menacing vocal is a perfect partner, particularly in the chorus “Ah , show me the way… you gotta show me the way to your heart” – it’s a passionate and heartfelt vocal driven by dark undertones of instrumentation. The bridge of the song provides the rich reverb-drenched guitars as they break out, accompanied by the drum which intensifies in power and this is what makes the music of Love Amongst Ruin stand out from beyond a standard rock sound.

The track evokes a dark atmosphere but is uplifting too; it makes for a gorgeous listen largely down to Hewitt’s ability to perfect the sentiment behind the song. The EP treats us to a further two remixes of Way To Your Heart and they are definitely worth a listen. Both offer completely different feels to the song without losing any of the emotion of the original. The Exodus Chop Mix has a rousing, thumping heartbeat whilst a heady, stomping mix of electro and rock gives the song an amazing anthemic vibe. It is ACE.

Alternatively, the Jaran Hereid Mix lets Hewitt’s vocal shine on the opening beats of the track which is slower in pace to the original. The shimmering “panpipe” synth sounds speckle the chorus with a captivating charm that mesmerises and hypnotizes. It’s a brilliant trilogy and all versions of “Way To Your Heart” are produced by Love Amongst Ruin, Donald Ross Skinner, Nadeem Daya, a songwriter and producer and Jaran Hereid, vocalist of Norway’s Yuma Sun.

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