Alternative pop singer and songwriter REBEKAH FITCH releases new single ‘No Pressure’


How often have you been so passionate about something but feel overwhelmed and at a loss to do anything about it? New single ‘No Pressure’ is a punchy, tongue-in-cheek critique about the contradictions and opposing tensions of youth mentality – driven but distracted, fired up but weighed down – an angsty and determined social commentary filled with intelligent satire. Powerful vocals sing of desperation over apocalyptic drums and an ominous bassline.

“Caught up in every cause I meant to do something, I forget what it was”

The song is a representation of today’s landscape, both online and offline. There’s a sense of urgency for everything but no ideas on what to prioritise. We want to be taken seriously, but we never take ourselves too seriously.

“There’s an unrelenting sense of needing to prove yourself, make change, be an activist, show your determination and not take no for an answer, but I still sign my emails off with No worries if not, whatever suits you, no pressure!’”

Listen to ‘No Pressure’ – BELOW:

Rebekah was nominated for Best Emerging Act in the Northern Irish Music Prize. Two more singles and an EP will follow this release.

‘NO PRESSURE’ is available everywhere now!

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