QUILT share video for new single ‘ROLLER’ taken from the new album, PLAZA

QUILT share video for new single 'ROLLER'  taken from the new album, PLAZA

Today, Boston’s Quilt have shared the surreal new video for their current single ‘Roller’, taken from their forthcoming new album, Plaza (out February 26th on Mexican Summer – Best Coast, Kurt Vile, Ariel Pink). Singer Anna Fox Rochinski developed the video – which features a dream-like and dysfunctional family scene – alongside director Adi Putra. Rochinski of the concept and creation:

“I spent the holiday season developing a concept with Adi about a strange, semi-dysfunctional family. The idea originally stemmed from our conversations about our favourite films that demonstrate a family structure that is interrupted by an outside presence and/or has some extremely strange things brewing underneath an otherwise normal surface. I play a disillusioned daughter in a traditionally structured nuclear family, who maintains a relationship with these mysterious apparitions as an escape from her family and a way to feel like she belongs somewhere.

It is never made quite clear if they are a figment of her imagination or not, but either way they sure have some cool dance moves. Shane, John and Kevin and I are all siblings with these identical twin kid sisters and a mom and dad. I really love Adi’s aesthetic and his appreciation for all things surreal, strange and yet deeply emotional. We were all instantly drawn to his work and had a blast shooting the video in Venice, California, with Adi and his crew.”

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