Once upon a time a student named Drew, sat in his Greek Archeology class doodling words in his notebook; he came up with the phrase The Persian Leaps. He took the name and added two musicians into the equation; then add a few years of song writing and the rest as they say is history. The St. Paul, Minnesota trio debuted in 2013 with the release of their EP Praise Elephants, an anagram for The Persian Leaps. NME called the EP a celestial guitar jangle. The band was influenced by Post Punk, and bands like The Smiths, Teenage Fanclub, and Guided by Voices. Their music is best described as instantly catchy melodic harmonies layered on top of droning guitars.

The Persian Leaps are Drew Fosberg, lead singer and founder, Adam Brunner, bass, guitar, and vocals, and Mike McClosky, drums and vocals. Drive, Drive, Delay was recorded in a local St. Paul studio, Old Blackberry Way, where both Husker Du and The Replacements recorded back in the day. The band seems to be channeling both groups into their latest endeavor.

Fosberg says we have no plans to record long play records. We prefer to boil down the best of our music played live throughout the year and put the best five songs out as an EP. We plan to make five song EP’s until we run out of songs. We always want to leave people wanting more.

The EP kicks off with Fire Starter  which seems to channel The Foo Fighter’s sound through the Leaps blender of fuzz and distortion producing a music smoothie of awesome Northern Woods sonic goodness. Bob Mould also lurks somewhere within this song and that is never a bad thing. The song itself seem to be about making a fire, hence the title. Catchy as heck, the song will make you predisposed to like the rest of the EP.

Pretty Boy if possible is an even better song than Fire Starter. Pretty Boy is a radio friendly pop song from the point of view of an average guy who is being ignored, but is pretty on the inside. This song dares you to not bounce around the room. It can not be done. Pretty Boy is a quality rock song with the punk ethos of being short, sweet and to the point. Again it is Bob Mould with some early REM thrown in for an excellent song.

(Goodbye to) South Carolina is recognizable hat tip to Husker Du with all the chiming guitar layers creating ear magic. Add yearning lyrics dealing with a wish to escape South Carolina and head west to the promise land of California, and again a very solid song is the result. The lead singer has a melodious voice that is pleasant and contrasts nicely with the solid rock play of the band.

Truth=Consequences Another hook laden song where the drumming comes to the forefront. It will scratch the itch of any listener who desires good alternative rock. The longest and last song of the EP is Permission which features a beautiful drone reverb guitar. If the band’s purpose is to leave you wanting more; they have accomplished that with this EP.

If The Persian Leaps can continue to produce excellent songs like those on this release, they will have to eventually produce a long play record because of popular demand. The band certainly has the ability to create engaging material. They have the gift of being able to take recognizable influences and make them their own. If you are looking for lyrical, smart rock, you may have just found your new band. The record deserves a broad audience.

Listen to 'Drive, Drive, Delay' BELOW:

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