ON THE TURNTABLE: Róisín Murphy – Hit Parade

Róisín Murphy - Hit Parade

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Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room right away: if you think Róisín Murphy is in any way ‘anti-trans’, I can only conclude that you’re the same kind of imbecile who thought Jeremy Corbyn was anti-Semitic. Considering a large portion of Róisín’s fans are gay and the fact she’s as camp as a Carry on Film being shown on Christmas Day seems to have been lost on a certain Guardian reviewer.

I don’t personally know Róisín, but I’d put my whole record collection on the fact she’s anything but ‘anti-trans’ in any way, shape or form. Having read the post about Róisín being persecuted for, I thought that she’s quite clearly saying what she said out of love and nothing more.

So, the album! Hit Parade has been six years in the making and has been one of the most anticipated releases of the year, so is it any good? You’re darn tootin’ it is! I would go as far to say that this is Róisín & Dj Koze’s masterpiece, a modern-day Disco album with hints of early Motown, splashes of Funk, intellectual Pop, House, Techno, Balearic and Dub Step thrown in for good measure. This is the sound of 2023, done to perfection.

Ironically, the album kicks off with a track called ‘What Not to Do’, with Róisín saying, “I’m ready now, I’m ready like a rock steady Freddy,” as if this opener was made AFTER her comments a few weeks ago. It’s a slow dubby, beauty making way for the much poppier ‘CooCool’ and ‘The Universe’, which both appear to have a nod to early Motown girl groups. ‘Hurtz So Bad’ is all shuffling beats and heavy bass lines, with Róisín picking a past relationship apart with a fine toothcomb. ‘The House’ has a similar vibe but with funky guitar licks throughout before the beat-heavy slow jam ‘Fader’ kicks in.

Halfway through Hit Parade, Róisín gets her Disco on. ‘Free Will’ is a Balearic chugger with percussion and bass lines hitting all the right notes, setting us up nicely for my two favourites on the album, ‘You Knew’ is a Techno/House anthem with stunning production from Dj Koze. I can well imagine Róisín coming into her own performing this live, whilst ‘Can’t Replicate’ is just an out-and-out House banger with an early 90s vibe.

Next up is ‘Two Ways’ which is a Dub Step monster with a touch of R’n’B, and the album finale ‘Eureka’ has an ominous feel about it, with Róisín singing, “If there’s a cure, I’ll take it now”. Ignore the absolute nonsense surrounding this album, it’s fucking awesome.

Listen to Róisín Murphy – Hit Parade – BELOW:

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