ON THE TURNTABLE: Gabriels - Love & Hate in a Different Time


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The superb debut single from L.A. Soul trio Gabriels gets a re-release today on a lovely little 7" with an excellent live cover of 'Spanish Harlem' on the flip side. If you haven't yet heard these guys then get on them immediately. Lead singer Jacob Lusk is backed by producers Ari Balouzian and Ryan Hope and between them they somehow manage to create music that sounds like it was made 60 years ago, whilst also sounding eerily futuristic at the same time.

'Love & Hate in a Different Time' is full of gorgeous, urgent string arrangements, handclaps and a piano tinkling away throughout. This is Soul music done proper, you can hear the pain in Jacob's voice, and you're left believing every single word he belts out.

Absolutely no one else is making Soul music as brilliant and unique as this at this moment in time. Incredible.

Listen to 'Love & Hate in a Different Time' - BELOW:

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