NOEL GALLAGHER cured Marcus Mumford's writer's block

NOEL GALLAGHER cured Marcus Mumford's writer's block

Marcus Mumford has revealed Noel Gallagher's frank talk about writer's block inspired him to jump back in the studio and pen the tracks for Mumford & Son's 'Delta' LP. Noel Gallagher inspired Marcus Mumford to "get off his a**" and start writing the band's latest album after a period of writer's block.

The 31-year-old frontman has revealed a chance meeting with the 51-year-old 'Wonderwall' hitmaker at a bar gave him the push he needed to head back into the studio to write songs for the record that became this year's chart-topper, 'Delta'. He recalled to Rolling Stone: "I was in a bar with Noel Gallagher last year, and I say, 'I'm taking a break. I'm finding it hard to write.'

"He's like, 'What the f**k are you talking about? Go write a f**king song!' "The next week, I wrote 'Delta' and 'Guiding Light', because Noel Gallagher told me to get off my a**." The former Oasis star's frank talk paid off, as the album shot to number one in the UK.

Meanwhile, the folk rockers - completed by Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane - believe the critically acclaimed record is the start of a new chapter in their musical journey. Keyboardist Ben said: "I think 'Delta' is as close to the heart of what Mumford & Sons is all about.

"Rather than being from something that we have been defined by, this feels like what we should be defined by because we've put a lot of effort into making this a statement. "It feels closer than ever to us as people -- and is us moving forward. It feels like a bit of a period that is about to begin."

He added that the group has also sought to improve and develop their songwriting, and suggested they have matured together. He added: "Our desire has always been to get better at what we do, with our music and our writing. We've changed quite a lot and I think we've grown up.

"We've grown together. We are on a wavelength. We are a hell of a lot less naive than we were ten years ago."

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