MOUNT FOREL return with new single ‘Witney’ - Listen Now

MOUNT FOREL return with new single ‘Witney’ - Listen Now

Mount Forel return with new single ‘Witney’. The song references the quiet and detached Oxfordshire town of the same name, where previous UK Prime Minister David Cameron comes from, and the troubles of the world seem a galaxy away.

Recorded in the village of Witney itself at Shaken Oak Studios, the track was mixed by Jake Murray at London’s Strongroom Studios.

With its lilting groove, 90s down beat grunge feel and intricately woven guitar arrangement, ‘Witney’ is a classic for our time. The vocal arrangement builds mystery around the track from the start, before all coming together in the chorus to deliver the line “There’s no place like home” reflecting on the isolated bubble of reassurance that purveys over the chocolate box Oxfordshire village.

Drummer Andrew Wakatsuki-Robinson explains further; “We were recording our album in Witney. It’s the most conservative place I’ve ever seen. We listed a bunch of things going sour right now - inequality, climate change, false is the new norm and air quality, then wrote a song about a town where none of these ills seems to exist; our own little Witney, if you will”.

Listen to ‘Witney’ - BELOW:

Last month Mount Forel played a unique gig in a converted cinema in Walthamstow, East London, where the entire audience were blindfolded – giving fans a chance to completely immerse themselves in the music. An upcoming gig at Hackney Wick’s Grow on October 29th will see the audience invited to paint while listening to the band. Intrigued? You should be.

Mount Forel have released two singles to date. ‘Greenland’, a song initially inspired by climate change, and debut single ‘America’, a sprawling six-minute epic featuring psych Neil Young esc guitars and schizophrenic drums.

Not your average band – the members of Mount Forel hail from across the globe. Denver Colorado, The Wirral, Osaka, Northern Ireland, Dunedin New Zealand, Tokyo and Manchester to be precise. If you’re counting more places than band members you aren’t going mad, each member of Mount Forel counts at least 2 places as home.

With their debut album ‘Small Worlds’ due out next year, there’s much to come from Mount Forel.

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