MADNESS release' first new music since 2016 with new single 'Bullingdon Boys' - Listen Now

MADNESS release' first new music since 2016 with new single 'Bullingdon Boys' - Listen Now

Madness today unveil snap release ‘Bullingdon Boys’. The seminal British pop band’s first new music since 2016, ‘Bullingdon Boys’ is a self-explanatory, barbed swipe at the charlatans, rotters and chancers at the top of the tree who have done their best to take the shine off 2019.

The lads were puzzling over the fact of how was it possible that in Great Britain with 24,000 Schools 19 of the 54 Prime Ministers all came from Eton... How Remarkable! Apparently a famous statistician from Bern in Switzerland crunched the numbers. He concluded that the chances of 19 Prime Ministers coming from one and the same class were very close to... ZERO!

"More f*cking chance of being hit by lightning in a nuclear bunker" he said. And yet here we are with 19 (of 54) Prime Ministers coming from Eton. Not even to mention other cabinet ministers. David Cameron, for example, had 13 classmates in his front bench team!

The Bern professor said he had difficulty collating this phenomenon within the definition of 'fair play'.  ...and so the boys felt a need to write a song about it.

Presented without further comment, Ladies and Gents, we give you ‘Bullingdon Boys’ - Listen below:

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