Live Review: Broken Keyboard Doesn’t Stop KAISER CHIEFS Rocking Brighton

Live Review: Broken Keyboard Doesn’t Stop KAISER CHIEFS Rocking Brighton 2

It was a windy and cold Brighton on Tuesday night. Kaiser Chiefs soon made you forget the tails ends of Storm Ewan outside. With support from Howl and Spring King. Ricky Wilson and co. brought sheer fun and enjoyment to the Brighton Centre. Starting off with a stage within a stage the band were highlighting where they came from, performing on small stages in the pubs and clubs back in Leeds.

The stage the moved backwards to form the big one that they would be performing on for the rest of the night. Ricky is a world class frontman and clearly shows he has left TV show The Voice UK behind. Commanding the crowd to shout “Kaiser” and “Chiefs” on demand.


There however was a slight hiccup on the night, Peanut’s keyboard broke on what was meant to be the start of Good Clean Fun however this was quickly changed to Na Na Na Na Naa as it did not require the keyboard and they hadn’t done the song in full for a while. Launching a lot of multi coloured confetti into the air at the end of Coming Home marked a meaningful end to the main part of the show where Ricky stated “We will always be The Kaiser Chiefs as long as you want us to be.” which was met with a rather loud cheer from the crowd. Coming back for a three song encore the band even included a cover of Buzzcocks Ever Fallen in Love which was remarkable. Ending with a mash up of their own hits Oh My God and Good Clean Fun, Ricky ended up swinging from a rope with much happiness to the crowd as it is certainly something most have never seen before. Kaiser Chiefs tour comes to an end this weekend but they are performing at racecourses and festivals up and down the UK this summer. Go and check them out, one of the best shows you will see.


Set List:

We Stay Together, Everything is Average Nowadays, Take My Temperature, Everyday I Love You Less and Less, Ruffians on Parade, Little Shocks, Na Na Na Na Naa, Ruby, Modern Way, Parachute, Meanwhile Up in Heaven. Press Rewind, Never Miss a Beat, The Angry Mob, I Predict a Riot, Hole in My Soul, Coming Home,

Encore: Still Waiting, Ever Fallen In Love – Buzzcocks Cover Oh My God/Good Clean Fun

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