Listen to melody-rich new single ‘Peppercorn Boy’ from TV ME

Listen to melody-rich new single ‘Peppercorn Boy’ from TV ME

If ‘easy listening’ conjures up memories of suave, crooning sophisticated sat at a piano, then let Liverpool 3-piece TV ME redefine the genre, with their new single ‘Peppercorn Boy’, as melody-rich pop music that simply drifts, effortlessly through your consciousness. Released on Friday 21 July 2017 on Deltasonic Records, the first track from an ‘in-progress’ debut album, finds modern pop’s holy grail with a melody Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney couldn’t ignore and just enough technology to make Kraftwerk take notice.

Led by the renowned Merseyside, former solo maverick, Thomas McConnell, TV ME’s upbeat, deceptively effortless style will sit easily next to Broken Bells or Blur in any playlist, yet the artist says owes as much to Grandmaster Flash as any radio-friendly, indie contemporaries. A musical archaeologist and alchemist, McConnell somehow channels key moments of classic pop into one, three-and-a-half minute ‘future pop’ single, putting ears curiously on edge to pick out the familiar influences in something deftly original. Citing parental record collections and the profound effect of music on him during his nineties childhood, the songwriter moves boundaries with a pure love for song craft and recording techniques.

Listen to ‘Peppercorn Boy’ BELOW:

TV ME is completed by Frankie Tibbles and Adam Dixon joining Low on the journey from studio to the stage. They are said to spend their time offstage together ‘painting cassettes, listening to music that helps plants grow and kidnapping percussionists’. As if the mechanics of music wasn’t enough to master, McConnell also demonstrates an impressive aptitude for engineering, taking retro-toys, records, CDs and cassettes to create a rhythmical robot to ‘dance’, an intentional comment on the demise and rise of the physical music format, in the single’s hypnotic video.

Forthcoming TV ME live dates:

Thu 17 August – 81 Renshaw St, Liverpool
Sat 2 September – Rivfest 17, Warrington
Sat 7th October Manchester Neighbourhood
Fri 27 October – Liverpool Music Week

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