LEA PORCELAIN - Unveil video for ‘Loose Life’ & alt-J remix

LEA PORCELAIN - Unveil video for ‘Loose Life’ & alt-J remix
Photo credit: Anton Gottlob

Having recently announced their own London headline show at Sebright Arms on 29th August, Lea Porcelain have also been confirmed to play Reading and Leeds Festival this year. The duo who released their debut album ‘HYMNS TO THE NIGHT’ earlier in June have also unveiled a video for album track ‘Loose Life’ and a stunning remix of alt-J’s new single ‘Deadcrush’, having recently supported the band on various shows in Europe.

The band detail the video: “The song recalls the feeling of life in a big city that comes apart. Originally recorded in London, we decided to use this high-quality footage of mostly unreleased and unseen shots of Berlin that question the values of a big city life nowadays and shows the consequences of war, fear and media-controlled minds. It is meant to recall and provoke a feeling of understanding on how important it is to keep the peace in our everyday lives and politics towards other nations.”

Watch the video for ‘Loose Life’ BELOW:

They go on to add: “After the surrender in May 1945 nearly all major cities in Germany were destroyed and this film shows color photographs of Berlin and Potsdam in the summer of 1945: air photographs of the fallen houses of which only the facades are still left, rubble, women who carry the debris away as they begin with reconstruction before the return of their men. A life that became loose, starting all over from zero.”

About alt-J’s remix: “Just a month before we made this remix in our studio at Funkhaus - we were playing the big SAAL 1 with alt-J. While we were on tour with them, 'Deadcrush' would be on all the time and it became our favourite song off the new album, so we were really honoured to be asked to do a remix. We didn't simply want to remix and throw sound stems and samples around. We are a band with a very defined sound and we wanted to capture that here without destroying the vibe of the band or Joe's voice. The song itself feels slower and spacey - but we kept it in the same BPM as the original and when we showed it to the boys from alt-J they loved it just as much as we did. This is our version of ‘Deadcrush’.”


25th August – UK, Reading Festival

26th August – UK, Leeds Festival

29th August – UK, London, Sebright Arms

1st September – UK, Bingly Music Live

2nd October – Germany, Rostock, Mau (MusikExpress Club Tour)

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