LEA PORCELAIN Announce Debut Album – ‘Hymns To The Night’ + Unveil Short Film

LEA PORCELAIN Announce Debut Album - 'Hymns To The Night' + Unveil Short Film 1

Rising electronic post-punk duo, Lea Porcelain, announced the release of their debut album Hymns To The Night, out June 16 with a short introductory film, ‘This Is Lea Porcelain. A Portrait By Ramon Haindl’, an intimate visual portrait of the band living and recording in Funkhaus Berlin.

Coming into view last summer via their genre bending debut EP, Out Is In, Julien Bracht and Markus Nikolaus marked 2017 with “Bones”, an emotive taster of what’s to come. Inhabiting a musical landscape that evokes a post-punk legacy, one that continues to evolve and thrill; culminating in the delivery of the band’s debut album – Hymns To The Night.

The album was written and recorded over a two year period in Berlin’s FUNKHAUS, a broadcasting house created under Soviet supervision that now houses the world’s biggest recording studio – even bigger than Abbey Road’s Studio 1. “We are proud of what we have made and we have learned a lot through the process,” recall the band. “The spectrum of the album is extremely wide. Every song works together, playing with very different moods. We would describe it as – atmospheric, cinematic and melancholic”.

For both members involved, Lea Porcelain feels like a project that was meant to happen. Julien and Markus still can’t put a finger on why everything clicked when they first shared a recording space and made music, but it did. Nor can anyone truly fixate on why the duo’s music – a hybrid of genres, orbiting different worlds between songs – is affecting so many people inside and outside the industry. Before this project, Bracht and Nikolaus were working within completely separate musical spheres. Bracht was a successful techno producer touring the world, Nikolaus a go-to independent musician, navigating between Berlin and the rest of the world.

“Not many bands can sound completely different from one track to the other and still be themselves,” Lea Porcelain say. Musical heroes include Radiohead, a band who transgress and reinvent without fail, while still retaining their trademark. No matter the genre, range of instruments or sound palette, their presence is unmistakable. Eventually, Lea Porcelain want to have this effect, this idea that “when the track starts, you know it’s them.” Every song is tied together by the duo’s ethos, their free approach towards making music. In the standout moments of their debut, everything spills outwards, drums cascading into the distance, a cross between self-destruction and complete euphoria.”

Lea Porcelain
Hymns To The Night


1 – Out Is In
2 – Bones
3 – A Year From Here
4 – Warsaw Street
5 – Similar Familiar
6 – White Noise
7 – The Love
8 – A Faraway Land
9 – Remember
10 – 12th Of September
11 – Loose Life
12 – Endlessly

Lea Porcelain EU Live Dates:

March 31: Essen, Germany – PACT Festival
April 1: Berlin, Germany – INTRO at Huxley’s
April 28: Newcastle, UK – Hit The North Festival
April 29: Leeds, UK – Live At Leeds
April 30: Leicester, UK – Handmade Festival
TBD: Augsburg, Germany – Modular Festival
July 16: Southwold, UK – Latitude Festival

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