KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD Announce details of new album, ‘K.G.’

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have today announced their return with a new album, K.G. Released on KGLW via Caroline on Friday 20th November 2020, the 10-track album is their sixteenth since forming in 2010 and features previously shared tracks Straws In The Wind, Honey and Some Of Us.

The band have today also shared a further album track, Automation which they will be giving fans a chance to both remix and create their own unique accompanying videos.

The raw video and audio files are now available on the band’s website and the best fan-made videos and remixes will then be posted on the King Gizzard socials with the best one then going on to be used as the ‘official video’ to accompany the track.

Additionally, the band will release a live album on the same day, 20th November.

Live In San Francisco ’16, out on ATO is a 13-track collection recorded at the band’s show at The Independent in the city on May 26th 2016.

The band also recently released Live In Asheville ’19 and Demos Vol.1 + Vol.2 via Bandcamp only and earlier this year the live tour movie (and attendant album) Chunky Shrapnel, an up-close, unconventional and discombobulating portrait that captured the power and sheer oddness of the live Gizz experience, a tour that culminated in a sold-out headline show at London’s historic Alexandra Palace in late 2019.

Listen to ‘Automation’ – BELOW:

In the wake of the global pandemic K.G. is a collection of songs that saw the six members of the band retreating to their own homes scattered around Melbourne, Australia to compose and record remotely. But have no fear! Not a drop of that unnamed alchemical something that makes this band so special is missing. This is the Gizz firing on all sonic cylinders, for if ever a band were built to swiftly adapt to adverse circumstance then it is them.

The gestation of K.G. can be traced back to their 2017 release, Flying Microtonal Banana, now one of their most highly regarded albums. Recorded using a microtonal musical scale more common in traditional Turkish or Arabic music that requires quarter-tone tunings on instruments custom-made for the occasion, it showed the wider world that the Gizz paint from a palette that extends far beyond the musical colours of western rock.

“FMB was one of the purest and most enjoyable recording experiences we’ve had, and the ideas just kept coming” explains de facto bandleader and multi-instrumentalist Stu Mackenzie. So now they return to the microtonal tunings on K.G., an album best described as a pure distillation of the King Gizzard sound, one that cherry-picks the best aspects of previous albums and contorts them into new shapes and via defiantly non-Western rock scales.

And due to greater external forces globally, K.G. saw a different recording approach when the band found they weren’t living in each other’s pockets for the first time since their formation. Songs were pieced together and given space to breathe, which allowed the music to be entirely free. “It’s almost like an album that normal people make,” laughs Stu. “Almost…”

The tracklisting of K.G. is as follows:

1. K.G.L.W
2. Automation
3. Minimum Brain Size
4. Straws In The Wind
5. Some Of Us
6. Ontology
7. Intrasport
8. Oddlife
9. Honey
10. The Hungry Wolf Of Fate

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