KING CREOSOTE shares AA single 'Susie Mullen' - his first new music since 2016

KING CREOSOTE shares AA single 'Susie Mullen' - his first new music since 2016
Photo credit – Calum Gordon

Today, King Creosote is pleased to share his first new music since 2016, a AA single comprised of “Susie Mullen” and ”Walter de la Nightmare”. Amidst frenetic modular synths and drums, “Susie Mullen” takes King Creosote (aka Fife’s Kenny Anderson)’s sound in a new direction whilst “Walter de la Nightmare” brings his beautiful vocals back centre-stage. The new songs will also be available to buy as a 7”, available on November 27th.

King Creosote reveals details about the new songs: “To find the source of inspiration for the music of ‘Susie Mullen’ you need only squeeze the belly of a souvenir camel toy from Egypt to unleash a rather urgent and tinny sounding nursery rhyme in Arabic, jam along in the key of Bb. A Crail live audience in 2017 heard the debut collaboration between KC and camel.” Referencing the single artwork, Anderson explains the meaning of lyrics of “Susie Mullen”: “With the luxury of hindsight, missed opportunities in the St. Andrews Woollen Mill workplace of yesteryear have become today’s befuddled and rather embarrassing memories.”

Listen to 'Susie Mullen' - BELOW:

On “Walter de la Nightmare”, Kenny adds: “The lyrics reference a song by Billy Pilgrim RIP from Fence Sampler #3 in which Walter de la Mare recounts a lightning strike on a large old tree. Nota bene, I am fully aware that ‘lymph nodes’ and ‘emphatic’ do not conflate to ‘node lymphatic’, but it sounds good to my ear, and it provides a much-needed rhyme. Both Susie and Walter have taken over two decades to make their pilgrimage from Egypt to Ullapool.”

Listen to 'Walter de la Nightmare' - BELOW:

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