Kelly Jones likes that STEREOPHONICS aren’t fashionable

Kelly Jones likes that STEREOPHONICS aren't fashionable

Kelly Jones has admitted he’s quite happy that Stereophonics aren’t fashionable because they’ve always been about honesty and authenticity. The ‘All In One Night’ hitmaker has admitted that it’s great that the band aren’t trendy because the most important aspect of their career has been to make a back catalogue that is “honest” and true to themselves.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, the Welsh frontman said: “Looking back musically, I’m proud of everything we’ve achieved and playing to small and big crowds. We’ve never been in fashion and I like that, as it’s all about the songs.

“Like when we stepped in for Snow Patrol and headlined Latitude in summer, we said we would do it if we could do our thing.” The ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ hitmaker – who formed the band in 1992 – also opened up about never taking to fame and how being on red carpets in the early days was his worst nightmare.

He admitted: “It’s been a long career and I don’t have regrets — the only thing I didn’t enjoy was when I started being in the public eye. “Fame has never been for me. “I love being with my mates and touring but red carpets and all the rest, I never felt at ease. “I love making music and it’s all about having a catalogue of music and being honest.”

Stereophonics released their 11th studio album ‘Kind’ today (25.10.19), and Kelly admitted that after their 2018 world tour, he was itching to get back in the studio after just a few weeks, and revealed the songs just came to him as if they were “informing” him of how he was “feeling”.

He said; “I had six or seven weeks off and was climbing the walls. “I’ve never felt writing is homework, most is when I’ve just got to get sh*t out of me. “With this record especially, songs started informing me how I was feeling.

“Whatever it was, it was telling me. It’s a way of expressing what’s going on in your life, the lyrics just come out and I wasn’t going to argue with the lyrics.”

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