JESUS JONES announce 'Some Of The Answers' - a new career-spanning 15 CD box set

Jesus Jones

On 28 October, Demon Music Group will release a career-spanning collection of Jesus Jones on the Edsel label. Formed in London in 1988, Jesus Jones blended indie rock with the House and techno. Armed with a sampler, a slew of catchy melodies, a belligerently confident attitude and some energetic stage performances, the band were quickly spotted and signed by Food Records. First single ‘Info Freako’ was an instant critical success, and their debut album Liquidizer was a visceral statement of intent.

Their second album Doubt, released in early 1991, would go on to find huge success around the globe. The single ‘Right Here Right Now’ exploded in the US, topping charts and helping the band to win an MTV award, as well as a succession of sold-out tours. Doubt would eventually amass sales of around two million copies worldwide.

1993’s Perverse album saw the band dive further into technology as one of the first albums ever to be created and recorded digitally. Later albums Already (1997) and 2001's London chart the band's journey through choppier waters, as they struggled with the effects of so much early success and searched for continuing creative inspiration. After a 17-year hiatus from recording, 2018’s ‘Passages’ found the band back to their best, with their strongest material in years.

This 200 tracks, 15CD book set compiles material from the band's entire career – from the frenetic, sample-heavy blasts of the late '80s right up to (almost) the present day. Aside from the original six albums, there are 131 bonus tracks – mixes, unheard demos, b-sides and oddities, band-selected favourites and material from all corners of the catalogue.

The band enjoyed a dizzying array of UK hit singles through the 90s, with many of them also enjoying huge success across Europe. Aside from the tracks mentioned above, also included are ‘Never Enough’, ‘Bring It On Down’, ‘Real Real Real’ (# 4 in the US), ‘International Bright Young Thing’, ‘Who? Where? Why?’, ‘The Devil You Know’, ‘The Right Decision’, ‘Zeroes and Ones’, ‘The Next Big Thing’ and ‘Chemical No.1’.

In the 12x12 booklet, keyboard player (and now the band's manager) Iain Baker provides revealing track-by-track annotation, and there are in-depth essays for each of the band's albums to guide you through the journey and provide the context for the music. This box set also features artwork from the band's long-time collaborators Stylorouge, who fashioned so much of their original identity. The spirit of those original designs was called on once again to tie everything together visually.

Jesus Jones

On the same day Edsel will also release a two LP collection Zeroes And Ones – The Best Of, as well as Liquidizer, Doubt, Perserve, Already, London, and Passages will be released on different colour vinyl.

Some Of The Answers tracklists:



1. Move Mountains

2. Never Enough

3. The Real World

4. All The Answers

5. What's Going On

6. Song 13

7. Info Freako

8. Bring It On Down

9. Too Much To Learn

10. What Would You Know?

11. One For The Money

12. Someone To Blame



1. Broken Bones

2. Info Sicko

3. Info Psycho (Dance Extravaganza)

4. Enough – Never Enough

5. It's The Winning That Counts

6. What's Going On [Demo]

7. Cut And Dried

8. Bring It On Down [Liquidised Mix]

9. Info Freako [withdrawn PWL Remix]



1. I Don't Want That Kind Of Love

2. Move Mountains [Ben Chapman 7” Mix]

3. Move Mountains [Ben Chapman 12” Mix]

4. None Of The Answers [BPM122]

5. Beat It Down [BPM110]

6. Bring It On Down [David Motion version]

7. All The Answers In Three And A Half Minutes [David Motion version]

8. What’s Going On [Rough Mix]

9. The Real World [Monitor Mix]

10. Info Freako [Demo 3]

11. Burning Up For You [Demo]

12. Metal House [Instrumental Demo]



1. Trust Me

2. Who? Where? Why?

3. International Bright Young Thing

4. I'm Burning

5. Right Here, Right Now

6. Nothing To Hold Me

7. Real, Real, Real

8. Welcome Back Victoria

9. Two And Two

10. Stripped

11. Blissed



1. Move Me

2. Are You Satisfied?

3. Real Real Real ['Raw’ 12" Mix Rhythm 1]

4. Right Here, Right Now [Martyn Phillips Mix]

5. IBYT 12 [International Bright Young Thing]

6. Who? Where? Why? [12 Foot Mix]

7. Welcome Back Victoria [DNA Orchestral Mix]

8. Dead People's Lives

9. Barry D Next To Cleanliness

10. International Bright Young Thing [Phil Harding 12" Mix]

11. Who? Where? Why? [The Crisis 12" Mix]

12. Right Here, Right Now [Dean Krexa Mix]

13. Damn Good At This

14. Maryland



1. International Bright Young Thing [The Chaos Mix]

2. Who? Where? Why? [The Chaos Mix]

3. Need To Know

4. Caricature

5. Kill Today

6. Who? Where? Why? [1997 remix]

7. Welcome Back Victoria [CHR Mix]

8. Who? Where? Why? [The Crisis Instrumental Mix]

9. Who? Where? Why? [The Crisis 7" Mix]

10. Right Here, Right Now [Hit Radio Mix – US promo]

11. Right Here, Right Now [Righteous Radio Mix – US promo]

12. Right Here, Right Now [Rock Band Mix]

13. Real Real Real [The Real Pop Mix] (US)

14. Real Real Real [The Real Hot Crossover Mix] (US)

15. Real Real Real [The Real Dance Hall Mix] (US)

16. Real Real Real [The Real Rock Mix] (US)

17. Real Real Real [The Real Dub Mix] (US)



1. Real Real Real [7" Mix – Rhythm (2)]

2. Real Real Real [Ben Chapman ‘Spaced’ 12" Mix – Rhythm (3)]

3. Real Real Real [Raw 7" Mix – Rhythm (1)]

4. Real Real Real [Phil Harding 'Luxury' 12" Mix – Rhythm (2)]

5. Barry D #2 [Demo]

6. Janet [First Real Real Real Demo]

7. Real, Real, Real [Ben Chapman 7” Mix]

8. Crispin [12-Track Demo]

9. Voodoo Chile [from NME "Ruby Trax" 1992]

10. 15-11-91 – Meteor Boy [Demo]

11. Zeroes & Ones [Demo]

12. Don’t Believe It [Demo]

13. As Good As It Gets [Demo]

14. Time Of Our Own [Demo for “Devil You Know”]

15. Every Little Bit [Version 2 Demo]



1. Zeroes And Ones

2. The Devil You Know

3. Get A Good Thing

4. From Love To War

5. Yellow Brown

6. Magazine

7. The Right Decision

8. Your Crusade

9. Don't Believe It

10. Tongue Tied

11. Spiral

12. Idiot Stare



1. Zeroes And Ones [The Prodigy Versus Jesus Jones Mix]

2. The Devil You Know [Kidney Mix]

3. The Right Decision [Klanger Mix]

4. Phoenix

5. Zeroes And Ones [Aphex Twin Reconstruction (1) Mix]

6. Zeroes And Ones [Aphex Twin Reconstruction (2) Mix]

7. The Right Decision [Edit]

8. Want To Know [Knowledge Mix]

9. Zeroes And Ones [Central Nervous System Mix]

10. The Right Decision [Moody Reconstruction Mix]

11. The Devil You Know [Satellite Over Tehran Mix]

12. Starting From Scratch

13. The Right Decision [Acid Confusion Mix]



1. Don't Believe It [Top 40 edit]

2. Machine Drug [remix, "Volume 7" Japanese compilation 1993]

3. Come On Home [from "Never Enough" compilation]

4. Magazine [Demo]

5. Get A Good Thing [Demo]

6. St Louis

7. Krexa

8. Miss Universe [Demo 1995]

9. Cartoon Creature [Demo 1995]

10. Freaky People [Demo 1996]

11. Metambient [Instrumental Demo for “February” 1996]

12. Saviour [Demo 1996]

13. Friend [Demo 1996]

14. Set The Scene [Demo 1996]



1. The Next Big Thing

2. Run On Empty

3. Look Out Tomorrow

4. Top Of The World

5. Rails

6. Wishing It Away

7. Chemical #1

8. Motion

9. They're Out There

10. For A Moment

11. Addiction, Obsession & Me

12. February



1. Together

2. Man On The Moon

3. Far Out In Nowhere

4. The Next Big Thing [Ian And Nick Version]

5. Nothing Out There At All

6. Chemical #1 [Optical Remix]

7. Natural State Of Grey

8. Change Of Season

9. Chemical #1 [Scandal Vocal Mix]

10. Chemical #1 [Kris and Dave’s Voodoo Mix]

11. Top Of The World [Hiroshi Morohashi remix]

12. We Are So Fragile [from "Random" Gary Numan covers 1997]

13. Go Buddy Go [from "Interpretations, 1998]



“Here’s The Damn Album Already” [The ‘Lost’ Demos]

1. Top Of The World

2. The Next Big Thing

3. Man On The Moon

4. Rails

5. Chemical #1

6. Together

7. For A Moment

8. Run On Empty

9. They're Out There

10. No Explaining

11. For A Moment [Iain's Remix]

12. Addiction, Obsession & Me ["Shopping" demo 1993]

13. Cowfloor ["Shopping" demo 1993]

14. Business & Bodybuilding ["Shopping" demo 1994]

15. Fairmode ["Shopping" demo 1993]

16. Together [Hotei "Guitar" version]



1. Message

2. Stranger

3. The Rocket Ships Of La Jolla

4. Asleep On The Motorway

5. Hello Neon!

6. The A Team

7. Half Up The Hill

8. The Princess Of My Heart

9. Getaway Car

10. To Get There

11. Nowhere Slow

12. In The Face Of All This


13. Nowhere Slow [One Armed Bandit Mix]

14. Wired And Windburned


15. Culture Vulture

16. Find The Dial

17. Head In The Sand

18. Halfway House



1. Where Are All The Dreams?

2. Suck It Up

3. Chemistry

4. Fall

5. Rounding Out The Square Holes

6. How's This Even Going Down?

7. So Welcome

8. Grateful

9. One Day At A Time

10. Stripped


11. Suck It Up [radio remix]

12. Where Are All The Dreams? [radio remix]

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