Irish singer/songwriter MONCRIEFF releases new single ‘What Am I Here For’


Irish singer/songwriter Moncrieff releases new single “What Am I Here For” today, February 3rd via energie. Returning after his acclaimed 2022 EP “Warm” and a massive series of spectacular, sold-out shows across Europe, Irish-born singer and songwriter Moncrieff kickstarts the new year with a sonic declaration of love.

Having successfully road-tested the heartfelt anthems off his recent 6-track EP “Warm,” Moncrieff increases the pace for the new year – because he finally knows that he has to follow his heart: An urgent, enraptured song about newfound commitment and lovestruck clarity, his latest single “What Am I Here For” quickly gains momentum as Moncrieff is rushing to save a relationship before it’s too late.

Indeed running every red light and stop sign on his way, he knows that he’ll regret it for the rest of his life “if I don’t try to save it tonight,” – meaning: if he doesn’t at least try to right his wrongs and tell her how he really feels. Over the urgent, fittingly fast-paced arrangement with warm-yet-explosive harmonies and dashes of 80s guitars (plus sounds that almost feel like police sirens on his tail), he’s fighting his way through highways and hurricanes – only to “break down right outside” her door and arrive at one of those towering singalong hooks Moncrieff is known for: “IF I’M NOT HERE TO LOVE YOU – WHAT AM I HERE FOR?!”

“Baby, I’ve been driving all night,” he sings elsewhere – and yet it’s still a battle against the clock, an enchanted mission with an open end: “Oh Lord, I hope you’re home!”

Listen to “What Am I Here For” – BELOW:

In love with classic Soul and R&B (Otis Redding, Etta James, and Ray Charles) as a teenager, music became increasingly important as an outlet for Irish-born Chris Breheny (aka Moncrieff) when suddenly his sister and, only two years later, his older brother passed away. Eventually moving to London to really focus on music and his craft, it didn’t take long until some of the biggest names took notice: A friend got him to sing backing vocals for Adele who was shooting a BBC performance, and shortly after the release of his debut single in 2017, he learned that even Sir Elton John had played the single on his show.

Moncrieff released an EP entitled “The Early Hurts” in 2019, only to take some more time to work on his craft as a songwriter: “I now have the tools to create really personal, simple and direct songs that don’t need to have any bells and whistles to tell the story. Music has always been a lens that I use to look at the world… and to process my feelings.” His 2022 single “Warm” (off the eponymous EP, released in September) went top-10 in Irish Radio and saw him perform on Germany’s ARD Network (“Frühstücksfernsehen”).

Back with new music after what was probably “the craziest month” of his life – “25 shows across 12 countries in 33 days” – Moncrieff kickstarts the year 2023 with his brand-new single entitled “What Am I Here For”!


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