Irish singer-songwriter KATE NICHOLSON releases debut album ‘Fallen from Grace’ – Stream Here!

Irish singer-songwriter KATE NICHOLSON releases debut album 'Fallen from Grace' - Stream Here!

Growing up a mile from the site of legendary music festival Glasgowbury, Kate Nicholson is an artist born and raised in the beating heart of Northern Ireland’s rich musical community. Currently based in the North Coast, following spells in both Belfast and Australia, the musician was immersed in song from an early age and has been writing songs since acquiring a guitar at the age of 17. But it has been the very rare circumstances of 2020/2021: the global pandemic combined with new motherhood that has been the catalyst for the creation of this body of work.

On February 18th 2022, Nicholson marked her arrival via her stellar debut album, Fallen From Grace. Across ten tracks, it’s a release brimming with pathos, harmonic finesse and a wealth of lived experience. Bearing the imprint of everyone from Tom Waits, Stevie Nicks to Nina Simone, it’s a feat of eclecticism, spanning sublime alt-pop (‘I’m Gonna Run’), Americana-inflected balladry (‘Street Lamps’) and odes to the songwriting Mecca of Nashville (Heart Sells Poison).

Recorded with acclaimed producer, musician and Mojo Fury frontman, Michael Mormecha, the album is a triumph of pure candour. Across ten tracks, Nicholson largely unravels the intricacies of relationships, from “cheaters, broken hearts and liars,” to “new beginnings, falling in love and happy endings.” And yet it’s so much more than that. Back-to-back with a brace of tales about “alcohol, judgement and the fine line that exists between fun and destruction,” as well as a song that tackles “mental health crises that have touched every community and claimed many young lives,” Nicholson mines pop mastery from the power of grit and endurance.

Like many vital releases of its ilk, Fallen From Grace is, then, equal parts personal and – by virtue of how well it taps into the human condition – a truly accessible statement. With it, Nicholson underscores her standing as a voice destined to make her mark as the world steadily finds its feet again.

Listen to ‘Fallen from Grace’ – BELOW:

“Smile through my tears” is the third single taken from the debut album “Fallen from Grace”. It follows the singles “‘Wrong Side of the Town’ and ‘Street Lamps’.

“Smile through my tears” sits comfortably in Alt-Country and Americana and is inspired by travels to the songwriting capital of the world (Nashville).

Speaking about the single, Nicholson said, “I think the lyrics probably speak best for what the song is about. “As you tell her what you told me- “I love you”. This and the rest of the song describe a painful moment in time of realising that the something you thought you had is gone, and perhaps was never as significant as it seemed or was promised. The feeling of being powerless at that moment, but also simultaneously realising that you do have power over how you move forwards; & so you may as well “Smile through your tears”.

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