INTERVIEW with Speed Vincent of Silvertung 

INTERVIEW with Speed Vincent of Silvertung 

Baltimore metal outfit Silvertung recently unveiled the music video for “You’re Fine,” a track from their latest album, (But, at What Cost??!).

Explaining the song, vocalist/guitarist Speed Vincent shares, “We wrote this song because we see the effects that mental illness has in life. But more importantly, the strengths you have, you may not even know.”

Made up of Codey Red (guitar), Boma Jaxx (drums), Speed Vincent (vocals) and a brand-new ready-to-be-introduced bassist, Silvertung grabbed nationwide attention with two major awards at the Maryland Music Awards – Best Heavy Metal Band and Breakout Artist. Since then, four of Silvertung’s singles have appeared on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Radio Chart.

XS Noize spoke with frontman Speed Vincent about how the band got together, their influences and how, in the end, musicians are like everyone else – human.

What three things can’t you live without? 

Speed Vincent: Family, fans, and performing live!

How did you get started in music? What’s the backstory there? 

SV: There was always music in my house growing up and part of my life from my earliest memories. My family was poor, so we had to entertain ourselves. I grew up on all kinds of music – from oldies (my grandparents), country, hip-hop, Motown, rock, metal etc. I was blown away the first time I heard Alice In Chains’ “Man in The Box!” That’s when I wanted a guitar. When I got my first guitar, I started to learn everything I could about playing music – not so much music theory, but the passion and feeling driving me. I was obsessed with wanting to perform live for people. I’ve fallen flat on my face so many times that it taught me the meaning of determination. There’s a sense of power and freedom in music; music really is how feelings sound. I love rock and metal, and it’s my passion to play and perform it, but I still love listening to hip-hop, Motown, and other music genres. I learn something from all of it.

Which musicians/singers influenced you the most? 

SV: In the beginning, it was musicians and bands that my grandparents, parents and my sister were jamming with and listening to. Eventually, I started to come into my own. I was influenced by Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), Chris Cornell (Sound Garden) and David Draiman (Disturbed) to my all-time favourite Miles Kennedy (Alter Bridge). I am influenced differently by the bands I listen to – songwriting, technique, vocal range and performance. I try not to limit my education and guidance in my passion for music.

How did Silvertung get together? 

SV: Initially, it was just a bunch of friends, and I getting together every weekend and jamming in a garage. But as things got more serious for me, my friends decided that wasn’t what they wanted. So, my search began for musicians that had the same focus. Once I found musicians that really wanted to make music, it was game on!

What’s the story behind the name ‘Silvertung?’ 

SV: During the first few months while we were writing our first release, someone would always come to rehearsal and say “I got the name for the band…“ None of those early suggestions resonated. As we continued to rehearse in my uncle’s basement, as we were sitting around planning our next show, I started looking through some of his old VHS videotapes and found a ‘movie’ called “Silver Tongue.” It sounded right, and I told the guys, “I found the name for the band – Silver Tongue.” Everyone liked it, but I wasn’t happy with the spelling and wanted to be somewhat different, so I changed the spelling to SILVERTUNG.  

Who is in the band and which instrument do they play? 

SV: Speed – vocals and guitar, Codey – lead guitar and backing vocals, and Boma – drums and percussion. We’re currently working with a new bass player, and I can’t wait to introduce them to our fans.

Silvertung has a female drummer. And she hits hard. Where did you find her? 

SV: Codey and Boma played in a band for a few years before he joined Silvertung. When our drummer decided to leave, Codey called Boma. We jammed with Boma for a month or so, and we were very happy with how she performed the songs. This girl kicks ASS, so we asked her to join.

What inspired your latest single/music video, “You’re Fine?” 

SV: “You’re Fine” is a song written about the personal experience of dealing with mental illness. Realizing how much these illnesses affect the world, I really wanted to express how people deal with it. The one thing I’ve heard so many people repeat is “I’ll be fine.” Rather than write about the downside of mental illness, I wanted to investigate and hopefully give people a stronger push. It’s amazing how it helps talking and listening to someone going through a hard time in their life….the lyrics are meant to be inspiring, “You`ll find your fine, It`s only in your mind. The pain is real, but you`ll survive.” I hope the song picks someone up and helps them to see it`s ok, not be ok. We can and do survive!

What do you want people to take away from the video? 

SV: We’re not just a rock band that parties and wants to have a great time, but that we’re just like everyone else. We’re real people, and we understand the ups and downs of life and the effect it has on us. We are all on this journey of life together!

I would describe your sound as hard rock with a metal-core edge. How would you describe it? 

SV: We totally agree – hard rock with a metal-core edge and heavy grooves…  

As a band, what’s the worst decision Silvertung ever made? 

SV: Listening to the naysayers. We believe in what we do and love doing it. That’s all that matters to us.

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