INTERVIEW: The Boxer Rebellion’s NATHAN & ADAM on BIG IDEAS & The American Dream

amerocan dream

Members of The Boxer Rebellion, Tennessee-born Nathan Nicholson and London’s Adam Harrison have teamed up with London-based writer, director and photographer Ben Lankester to launch new multi-disciplinary creative three-piece, Big Ideas.

The band’s timely debut EP, The American Dream, explores the artists’ instinctive responses to the world’s current state. Themes of hope, grief and rebirth feature heavily in the captivating audio-visual endeavour.

Mark Millar caught up with Nathan and Adam to talk about the EP – Watch BELOW:

Music by Big Ideas will be released as a collection of EPs, each led by a film of incredible artistic quality. Pairing Nicholson’s compassionate and melodic writing with Harrison’s ability to create sonic worlds of introspective depth and lively rhythm has generated magic alchemy of sparkling pop-infused grooves and thought-provoking lyrics. Each track tells a story that is both personal and outwardly communicative, building on The Boxer Rebellion’s knack for allowing the audience its own space for personal interpretation.

The American Dream EP track listing:

The American Dream




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