INTERVIEW: Supergrass' Danny Goffey on his new album and book ‘Bryan Moone’s DiscoPunk’

Danny Goffey

In episode #119 of The XS Noize Podcast, Mark Millar catches up with Danny Goffey, co-songwriter and founding member of British band Supergrass to talk about his third solo album Bryan Moone’s Discopunk.

Danny Goffey has released his excellent third solo album Bryan Moone’s Discopunk. The album is accompanied by a self-penned, limited-edition book about a day in the life of his fictional alter ego… Bryan Moone.

In this interview, Danny talks about the writing and recording of the album, his new book, Taylor Hawkins, Supergrass and much more.

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A limited number of Bryan Moone’s DiscoPunk LPs will be available in an exclusive (only 1,000 available) ‘Disco Bag’. Accompanied by a special format fictional book written by Danny that documents a minute-by-minute day in the life of his alter ego character, Bryan Moone.

Bryan Moone’s Discopunk

The book details the inner thoughts and musings of a musician living with his erratic kids and his headstrong but beloved wife Em – Bryan’s day is a constant battle to try to write new music, but he keeps getting distracted by the hectic life around him, including a phone call from his daughter’s school after she commits an ‘extreme violation’, the real threat of being assaulted with a walking stick by an eighty-year man in the pub, a severe bout of anxiety in the Co-op when trying to choose the right type of milk and it ends with a coffee-related tragedy.

Each chapter in the book has been brought to life and beautifully illustrated by Danny’s son Frank. Three 10” X 8” prints of Frank’s drawings will also be included in each Disco Bag. Order here.


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