INTERVIEW: Parlor Social Chat “She Believes”, Their Social Media Challenge & Their Next Single

INTERVIEW: Parlor Social Chat “She Believes”, Their Social Media Challenge & Their Next Single

Music is, for many, a source of strength, comfort and healing. It’s also deeply inspirational and motivating to millions around the world and, after the difficulties we’ve all faced over the last few years, that inspiration and motivation is needed now more than ever. The latest single from husband and wife duo Parlor Social – Dessy Di Lauro and Ric’key Pageot – called “She Believes” is upbeat and created to uplift and empower women everywhere – a perfect soundtrack to Women’s History Month, which began on March 1st.

I caught up with the pair to learn more about the song, their ongoing social media challenge, the great cause it’s raising money for, and which track they’re looking to share with the world next.

For anyone yet to discover you or your music, who exactly is Parlor Social?

Parlor Social is a unique brand of music that mixes 30’s and 40’s musical inspiration with today’s R’n’B and hip-hop. We like to say: “If Cab Calloway, Outkast and Lauryn Hill had a baby, it would sound like Parlor Social.” We call it retro-futuristic music.

Who or what most inspires the music you make, and how does that filter through/make itself at home, so to speak, in your releases?

Our sound is inspired by musical legends such as Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughan, Donny Hathaway, Lauryn Hill, Outkast, Dr Dre, Whitney Houston, Blu Cantrell, Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse, A Tribe Called Quest.

It’s just something that came to us naturally because of all the amazing blends of music. Dessy was raised on all this incredible vintage music. Rickey is classically and jazz trained. Both of us were also raised on Caribbean, Salsa and Brazilian Bossa and Samba vibes as well. Combine all this, and you get quite a diverse musical blend.

You dropped your latest single, “She Believes,” at the end of January in advance of Women’s History Month, and it’s continuing to make waves due to its strong message and theme of female empowerment. Where did the idea for the song first come from? Can you talk me through the creative process?

Dessy: As a female in the industry, it is still hard to be seen and heard. We have come a long way but still got some ways to go to get the same respect men get. We are surrounded by men in our industry, making the big musical decisions. We always look at men as beacons of strength, but women in music-making waves and fighting for change are powerful. WE wanted to set a good example for young girls and women that however which way you rep yourself, you are a queen. Whatever you do in life, you can achieve anything. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Now more than ever, this message is so important to relay.

How important is it to you, both as artists and individuals, to champion, support and promote big events and occasions like Women’s History Month?

It’s incredibly important for us both to support any event supporting Women’s History Month. We just wish more people’s ears would hear this song. We would love to be part of any event for this cause and perform our song – we need to keep motivating, empowering and inspiring women everywhere.

Would you like to see more artists using the platform they have to speak out and champion important matters such as WHM?

Absolutely!!!! As artists, we have a huge responsibility to speak on important topics through music. We get told all the time that it’s important to spread messages and make music with substance that can touch people deeply or raise awareness, etc. – I wish more artists would do it. We wouldn’t have it any other way than to say something through our music.

To coincide with the release and WHM, you’ve also created the #SheBelievesChallenge on social media. What exactly is that, and how can people get involved?

It’s a fun challenge for girls and women to get involved with. Find our song “She Believes” on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, place an invisible crown on your head and create a fun dance routine. Post on social media and use the hashtag #shebelieveschallenge. We also had men doing it and letting us know that we are all royalty. Mom’s and daughters, sisters, best friends, co-workers can all get involved. For every video submitted to social media, we’ll donate $1 per submission to, up to $500.

How did you choose Girls Inc as the non-profit that your challenge would benefit? Have you worked with or got involved with them in the past? If people can’t get involved in the challenge, are there other ways to help support the cause/WHM?

This is our first time working with Girls Inc. We really love what they are doing across the board and their amazing work globally. They work with the LGBTQ+ community BIPOC women, and they aid girls and women in underprivileged communities and underserved communities by helping with school tuition, finding jobs as single mothers, fighting for equal pay rights, fighting against discrimination, etc.; we did a lot of research, and they stood out to us.

Numerous outlets and critics have championed you, but what’s the nicest thing anyone has said or written about you? What is the greatest compliment someone could ever give you when it comes to your music?

We would have to say that the biggest compliment would have to be that we helped people get through Covid quarantine. We started to perform online every Sunday during the pandemic to raise spirits, and it became a whole communal virtual experience. Total strangers from opposite sides of the globe would meet up virtually when we went live, and it became such a beautiful, uplifting, supportive and helpful moment for us as well as many who tuned in. We had no idea what kind of impact this would have. During a really heavy time, it became something positive and beautiful and still today, we always have someone thanking us for helping them get through the quarantine heaviness and loneliness.

The world, at least in terms of the entertainment industry, is returning to some semblance of normal with artists such as yourselves able to get back out on the road. Are there any tour or performance plans in the works?

We have been working non-stop since August 2021. It’s been nerve-wracking and amazing at the same time. We are still reeling from Covid PTSD. Whew. But what a blessing it is to be able to get back out there and perform in front of actual people. We just got back from performing in San Francisco, and we are heading to Portland to perform with the band later this year. We are slowly getting back to it and booking as it comes. Right now, we’re taking it day by day, going with the flow and being extra cautious as well. We do have some festival bookings coming up as well. Stay tuned.

Finally, then, have you started thinking about what your next single might be? What can fans expect from you in the coming weeks and months?

Yes, absolutely. We do have another song we would like to release. This one is called “Higher Place”, and it features the legendary and new jack swing king Teddy Riley. It’s another uplifting song with a double meaning. We are looking at April for the release of this next one. Fans can always expect a unique take on music and expression from us.

Listen to ‘She Believes’ – BELOW:


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