INTERVIEW: Natalia Damini & Tito Jackson Talk ‘Attitude’

Natalia Damini & Tito Jackson Talk “Attitude”

“I think she is a very gifted performer.” While any female artist would love to hear or read, and perhaps has heard or read, such a statement from others over the course of their career, few have likely had such words come from someone as iconic and respected as Tito Jackson – but Natalia Damini can now count herself as one of them. The two have joined forces to create her new single “Attitude” and XS Noize caught up with the pair to find out more about the track and any plans for future collaborations.

Natalia, for anyone who has yet to discover you and your music, describe yourself and your sound in a few words. 

I’m confident and my sound is a blend of pop, R&B and dance.

Has music always been your passion or was it something that developed over the years? How did you work and did things work out in order for you to get to where you are now? 

Music has always been my passion; music and dance! I had to work very hard and having the right team around you is very important.

Tell me a little about the collaborative process between the two of you when it came to working on “Attitude” and its video. Who reached out to who to get things started?

Tito: My buddy Charve is Natalia’s manager and he put everything together. We both brought ‘Attitude.’

Natalia: My manager Charve the Don works with and is good friends with Tito. Initially, I was working on a song for The Jackson’s new project and when Charve sent them “Attitude”, we came up with the idea of Tito and I collaborating.

What do you want those who hear the song/watch the video for the track to take from it? Tito, what is it about “Attitude” in particular that made you want to be part of it? 

Natalia: “Attitude” is very funky with an incredible hook and is very melodic. I want them to sing along and dance and also to be confident in themselves.

Tito: This is a really great song. When I heard the song, I knew then I wanted to be a part of it – it reminds me of something that The Jacksons would’ve done.

Could we maybe expect any more future collaborations between the two of you? Is that something you’d be open to?  

Tito: Oh yes.

Natalia: Oh, for sure!

Tito, to focus on you for a moment; as someone who is still releasing music and performing yourself, what are your plans for the months ahead? What can you tease about your upcoming music and performance plans and how does it feel to still be so present, popular and loved in and by both fans and the industry when so many of your artistic counterparts have fallen by the wayside? 

Me and my brothers are still touring all over the world and I have a solo project in the works. I feel very blessed to be in the position God has put me in.

Natalia, you’ve been championed by a number of high-profile outlets over the course of your career so far, but do you care much about what the media say about you or do you focus more on what you yourself and your fans think? What’s the nicest thing anyone has said or written about you, and how do you handle any criticism and negativity that comes your way? 

No, I don’t care what the media says. What’s important to me is doing what I love to do and making my supporters happy! The nicest thing that people say to me is “I love you.” I ignore the criticism and negativity.

You’ve got an impressive following of over a million on IG alone. How do you feel about social media in general and how have the likes of IG, Twitter and Facebook helped in terms of your career and getting your name and music out to an audience?  

I think social media is a great outlet for artists. It definitely helps, because anyone that follows you can see everything that you’re posting and they can share with their followers as well.

Are there any tour or performance plans in the works so fans both old and new can come and see you? 

Yes; we’re doing a promo tour and I have a lot of shows coming up!

You’re getting this year off to a cracker of a start with the release of “Attitude”, but what else does 2023 have in store for and from you? Can you tease any future releases or plans?  

I have an incredible song with Stitches, also have projects with Kid Suda and Staje. All these new songs are very special.

Check out the video for ‘Attitude’ – BELOW:

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