INTERVIEW: James (Berko) Berkeley from Stillroom

INTERVIEW: James (Berko) Berkeley from Stillroom

Rock n’ Roll from Dublin's heart & soul. With a history that seen them tour Sunset Strip LA, shows in Germany and throughout Ireland & UK, they are currently promoting their Good To Be Alive album which charted in Ireland on release thru HMV stores and online sales, - with a number of single and video releases that gathered momentum and airplay on both sides of the Atlantic.

Along with having several of their compositions featured in movies, (The Devils Woods), plays and Microsoft campaigns, the band have recently signed a publishing deal with GD78 and are currently enjoying airplay worldwide thru a variety of sources including Sony PlayStation and XBOX. STILLROOM have just finished a UK and Ireland Tour 2018 taking in The Hard Rock Hell Festival in Sheffield's O2. Mark Millar caught up with Stillroom vocalist James (Berko) Berkeley for a chat.

How did the band get together?

The band got together over 15 years ago. Three of us had been neighbours all our lives since we were kids growing up in Tallaght in Dublin. Some of the band worked together and at that time learning to play instruments, we all had similar music interests so one thing led to another and not before long the band was formed!

Where does the name ‘Stillroom’ come from?

The name STILLROOM came from a place where members of the band worked. A STILLROOM being a place where whiskey and stuff are stored. Since the idea of the band was conceived there, it felt appropriate!

What are the bands musical influences?

Individually and collectively we would have been influenced by the like of Prince, Michael Jackson, Bon Joni, Gun N Roses, Queen, Aerosmith, The Beatles.... and most classic rock bands like Free and that.

What is the band’s songwriting process?

When we went in to record the album Good to be Alive we had a definite idea of how it was going to sound. Catchy melodies, heavy guitar riffs, songs that were mature and fun at the same time. Ultimately a record that put you in good mood and made you feel good.

When it came to writing the songs Scottie would normally have a rough demo that he would give to the band, Bennett would do the same. We’d sit and listen, discuss what was going on, Jam it out and we’d put lyrics to it. Some songs came really easy for example when The Wake was written and a demo was given by Scottie, Berko already had lyrics written that fit the song perfect!

Check out Stillroom's album 'Good to be Alive' - BELOW:

It’s wind down time after a show, what's your go-to listen to unwind or recharge?

Wind down time! That all depends on where we are. If we’re on the road a beer or two but if we’re playing local we could end up out all night !! Sometimes doing another gig ... somewhere else.

What are you most grateful for about being able to be a musician every day?

I suppose the main thing to be grateful for, for me anyway is that people have gone out of their way to come to a show, buy a t-shirt, a CD, tell you they had a good time at your gig. That shit makes me really lucky to be in a position that makes people feel a certain way.

Do you have a favourite record that you always return to?

Everyone in the band has their favourite, mine is probably Born to Run, it ticks all the boxes, the escapism, the story, the lesson and of course the music. Great bleeding record!

What have you been listening to recently that you could recommend? 

The last I was listening to was Tom Petty's Damn the Torpedoes.

What are Stillroom’s plans for 2019?

STILLROOM in 2019, who knows .... members are busy with other “side projects” at the moment but there are still a few singles, remixes and videos in production from the album that needs to be heard. We’re currently promoting our Christmas single, Another Lonely Christmas Song, it’s gained over 100,000 Spotify Streams and the video is done in the style of The Darkness, It’s well worth checking out with all the proceeds going to The Simon Community to help with the homeless crisis!

Check out the video for 'Another Lonely Christmas Song' - BELOW:

Current members are James (Berko) Berkeley on vox. Paul (Scottie) Scott on lead/rhythm guitar. Shelly Rocket on Bass And Rob Poole on drums.


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