Interview: Grant Nicholas talks ‘Feeder’s new album ‘All Bright Electric’

Interview: Grant Nicholas talks ‘Feeder’s new album 'All Bright Electric’

FEEDER first shot to fame when their debut EP ‘Swim’ was released to huge critical acclaim in 1996. Since then they’ve had 25 Top 40 hits with the likes of ‘Feeling A Moment, ‘Just The Way I’m Feeling’, ‘Just A Day’ and ‘Buck Rogers’ and amassed over 5 million record sales along with 3 Platinum and 2 Gold Albums.

FEEDER’s autumn tour will see the band revisit some of their biggest hits whilst also performing tracks from their long-awaited – new studio album ‘All Bright Electric’, released today. XS Noize’s Tom Day had a chat with FEEDER front-man Grant Nicholas.


How would you say Feeder’s sound has evolved in the 19 years since the band’s inauguration?

I think we have learnt a lot about recording and have always tried to keep each album different in some way. We want to keep our identity as a band sonically but it’s always good to try new things and approach each record differently, to keep it fresh and moving forward.

Do you have a favourite song from your back-catalogue and why?

I am still very proud of ‘Forget About Tomorrow’ as I love the way the string arrangements came out. It showed another side of Feeder and my song writing .

What is your song-writing process?

I write pretty much everything on acoustic guitar, sometimes electric guitar if more riff based, and also piano.

My wife and I still argue about that cider lyric in Buck Rogers, what is it from?

(For the record, I’m certain it’s “a lemon”)!
I can’t say it’s a secret 😉

What is your favourite record of all time?

I don’t really have one but Nevermind is a classic. Rumours, Revolver and Harvest are up there .

What record(s) have you been listening to lately?

Iggy Pop’s new album ‘Post Pop Depression’, ‘Dark Star’ by David Bowie and The Paranoid album by Black Sabbath . I really like Radiohead’s new album also.

Are there any up-and-coming artists you would you recommend?

There are so many great new bands and artists so it’s hard to pick one. I really like Everything Everything and Royal Blood. They are both great live .

We love the double-exposure effect on the Eskimo video what inspired that?

We wanted something performance based, psychedelic and retro, but in a more current way. The director and animator did a great job as it was all shot in a simple white room and one of the easiest video shoots we have ever done.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but to my ear Eskimo has a lot of religious connotations. What was your inspiration for the song?

It’s really a song about self discovery. We are always looking for the right path to take in life and are often casualties of our own misguidance and inner demons. I guess it touches on how people find solace in faith when their lives become difficult and the whole Americana evangelistic society. I had a Louisiana True Detective back drop in my mind when I was writing this one.

Do I detect a little bit of a theme there too with Universe of Life (“seeing is believing or there’s nothing at all / don’t be fooled by foolish minds”)? Is this something we can expect from All Bright Electric?

The album definitely touches on life’s positives and negatives. Why are we here? What else is out there? Don’t be misguided by fools etc ..

What else can your fans expect from All Bright Electric?

It’s a rock album but with some super mellow moments also. We really went for a more analogue, organic sound this time around and I think it captures Feeder at its best and feels complete as a body of work.



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