How a music band website should be built and look like

How a music band website should be built and look like

Being a successful music band means building that image and success with all the means. One of the things fans interact the most is the band’s online face – its official website. Having a proper website is essential for music promotion. And there every music band must gather all its best – from music and images to information, content, and social media.

Speaking of social media, it’s true that most artists and music bands promote themselves on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on, but that fully professional and fan-caring image is built also with the help of a good website.

Here are the necessary steps when building a music band website – from scratch to the interaction part with the fans.

Pick a name and a domain

A simple and easy to remember name is the most likely choice for every known artist. In most cases, the name of the band will do just fine – or any other combination of letter or words which resembles. Regarding the domain, the most appropriate would be the classical .com, after the band’s name. If that name is already taken, the options are either to purchase that domain or to create another, like thebandname, then the word “music” dot com.

Get a host

After getting the name and domain done, the next step is to get a hosting service. All the websites files will be stored on that host’s server space. Content Management System (CMS) is an ideal choice for the website. One platform option would be Joomla.

If you ask yourself when do I need a Joomla hosting? well, there are plenty of reasons. It offers 1-click installation and CMS support, it is very user-friendly even when it comes to creating the website and its content, it offers plenty of tools and other plugins, and the website can be managed from virtually anywhere.

Add a modern template for the website

The next step is to add a modern template, suitable in terms of colours and style with the band. With CMS, that is an easy task. One advice is that the template is kept clean and simple. Also, attractive design comes in hand with the template and must be also simple and user-friendly, both in terms of desktop and mobile devices.

Find the perfect image  

One important part of the design is the header image. That should be the best image possible of the music band, so that will catch the fan’s attention upon entering the website. Through this image, the viewers will make the connection with the music and with their feelings about the artists. Don’t forget that people look at the website from their mobile devices also, so the image must really fit a portrait too. 

Add the best music

Where to start? As a music artist, you definitely must add the very best music that you have. That means music player and links, videos, background music, samples from the most famous hits, whatever works as long as it is easy to spot and click to play on every device.

Write that bio information

As famous the artist may be, there is still room for a short bio and some information. Think of that “about” page, where every artist can tell their story. That bio can also have some older photos, short stories from tours or live concerts, or any other funny, unique or still unknown detail about the artist.

Add a call-to-action

An artist’s website doesn’t have to lack this marketing feature. That is a piece of visual or audio which drives the visitor’s attention. Some examples are a latest track or album, an upcoming event or anything new that happens and you want to promote. A clickable button is also considered at this point. 

Take care of the content

Besides all these, there is still a lot of content to upload. That means other band details, tour dates, press releases and news, a mailing list, history, shows. Anything that would be relevant for the music band and would be of interest for the fans can be covered at this step.

Clear navigation is a must 

Mind the navigation, though. After we added all this info, the music, and all other multimedia treats, the entire content still has to be simple, clear, and easy to find. That is for a clear and smooth navigation on the website.

Always remember the fans and keep in touch with them

Last, but not least, the fans are in the spotlight. Keeping them close and engaged is a challenge, no matter how famous the music band is. So, in 2020, you should definitely have diverse interactions. Have all the social media accounts updated and available through icons on the website. The contact info – with an email address – is also very important.

Also, all this must be mobile-friendly to be accessed from anywhere. And, finally, don’t forget about a shop page or section, where fans can buy music or any sort of other items which remind them of their favourites. And if you wonder how a piece of music art website looks like, take a view, for example, on Jamie Scott or Norah Jones pages.

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