HI FRISCO release their intoxicating debut single ‘Snowfall’ – Listen Now

HI FRISCO release their intoxicating debut single 'Snowfall' - Listen Now

Hi Frisco release their debut single ‘Snowfall’ on November 13th. ‘Snowfall’ packs a wobbly, disorientating structure but pairs it with hypnotic melodies in the vein of MGMT and Flaming Lips – it’s an intense and intoxicating listen and a taster of what’s to come from Hi Frisco – duo Henry Eastham and Felix Rashman.

Speaking about ‘Snowfall’ they say, “Snowfall was the first song that we ever started working on together, so it’s fitting that it’s the first thing that we put out. It almost became the testing ground for what Hi Frisco would sound like and what we have become as a band.

The song came from being in a state of flux and the end of an era, struggling to make sense of what I wanted to do next. Lyrically, it reflects where I was at the time, feeling lost, but hopeful. We gradually found a sense of direction through experimentation. When we started the track, it started off much more stripped back and straightforward than it is now. We used live drums and bass, which then morphed into this weird Childish Gambino style bass and crunchy drum loop that you hear today.”

Listen to ‘Snowfall’ – BELOW:

The pair, originally hailing from Blackpool (Henry) and Yorkshire (Felix), create in their studio, Calmer Than You Are (one of the many Big Lebowski references surrounding the studio) based in a block of creative spaces in East London. They built the studio with another friend, kitting it out to be cosy enough for them to virtually live out of while promoting creativity. It’s the kind of place to lose days in, though you’d be safe in the knowledge that anything put down in this space would no doubt come out sounding special. What they create is, the perfect middle ground between experimentation and smart pop writing.

But who is Hi Frisco? Named after a greeting from the novel, Atlas Shrugged – Henry has been writing and performing as a session musician and guitarist for several years, with work alongside Say Lou Lou, Chlöe Howell, Sunset Sons and Sparkadia. Felix, meanwhile, takes on more of a producer role in the two. He’s worked as a studio engineer with some of the biggest names in the game and has also produced songs for some of Britain’s most exciting new bands like YAK, Crows, Babeheaven and more.

“Around the end of 2017, I’d written a load of demos and no idea what the fuck I wanted to do,” Henry says about their origins. The pair started running in the same circles in London towards the end of 2017, and when Henry took them to Felix in a casual capacity, the two hit it off creatively immediately. They bonded over bands like Love, The Beatles, Kinks as well as current bands like Metronomy, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Caribou and this lead to the conception of Hi Frisco.

They’re currently in the process of mastering their upcoming live performance, for which they hope to employ a wider line-up and ensure the live versions are as expansive and impressive as their studio counterparts. Work on a debut album, poised for 2020, is now underway, with more experimentation and sharp songwriting taking place in their hallowed studio space.

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