FLOWERED UP Announce Remastered, Expanded Reissue of ‘A Life With Brian’

Flowered Up, 1991

London Records are to reissue FLOWERED UP’s debut album ‘A Life With Brian’ for the first time since its original release in 1991, newly remastered and available on double LP & CD, extended digital and limited coloured double LP on 19th April. 

Including new sleevenotes by Heavenly’s Robin Turner, the reissue adds their seminal 1992 single “Weekender” to the album package, plus a host of previously unreleased tracks and remixes, including newly commissioned remixes by Everyone You Know and Beyond The Wizards Sleeve.

Upcoming duo Everyone We Know’s thrilling contemporary take on “Crackerjack” is available now. Listen here. They comment:

“Taking inspiration from some late 90s Ibiza tunes and early rave stuff, this is our remix of “Crackerjack”. We were honoured when Flowered Up reached out to us for the remix. At first we weren’t sure what direction to take it in but the longer we sat with the stems it became obvious it needed something for the clubs & DJ’s.”

Beyond The Wizards Sleeve remix ‘Weekender’ is the first remix in seven years from the DJ/producer duo of Erol Alkan and Richard Norris. They comment:

“Flowered Up’s Weekender is a work of very special magic, of a particular time, place, and feeling that you can hear busting out of the speakers. It was a challenge to take on such an iconic work, but we attacked it and pulled it into a few new shapes that nod to the original while taking it elsewhere. Do you believe in magic?”

Emerging out of the Capital’s now legendary Acid House scene, Flowered Up was heralded as London’s answer to Happy Mondays and were so hot that they made the cover of both NME and Melody Maker before they’d even released a record. The ten tracks on ‘A Life With Brian’ represent a snapshot of a band who perfectly reflected their environment – the London streets they grew up on and the clubs they came of age in.

Released the following Summer, Flowered Up’s Clive Langer-produced thirteen-minute masterpiece “Weekender” is included on the album package for the very first time. The single was accompanied by a ground-breaking short film directed by Wiz, whose raw depiction of a weekend of clubbing is perhaps the single greatest document of early 90s rave culture and was the subject of the acclaimed 2022 Heavenly Films documentary ‘I Am Weekender’.

The album remastering was overseen by Flowered Up keyboard player Tim Dorney, and ‘A Life With Brian’ now sounds the way the band always wanted it to sound. Tim explains:

“Modern mastering techniques have made it sound so much better… We went through the original 1/2-inch tape track by track and using a mix of modern software and some classic analogue pieces, we made it louder, wider and punchier all round.”

Sounding better than ever, this comprehensive reissue of ‘A Life With Brian’ offers a fresh perspective into the frenziedly exciting, all too brief musical career of Flowered Up. Although they started out playing at acid house clubs, they were very much a rock’n’roll band. A gang who embodied the spirit of their times, stepping from the darker corners of the dance floor onto the stage in a seamless transition from working the cash economy to soundtracking the very highest points of the night. Sing it loud: “let me touch the world / I’ll make it good, I’ll make it fine.”

flowered up



Double CD


01 Sunshine

02 Take It

03 Crackerjack

04 Mr Happy Reveller

05 Hysterically Blue

06 It’s On

07 Silver Pan

08 Phobia

09 Egg Rush

10 Doris… Is A Little Bit Partial

11 Weekender

12 Weatherall’s Weekender (Audrey Is A Little Bit Partial mix)

flowered up



01 Weekender (BTWS Re-Animation)

02 It’s On (Feel Pain Mix)

03 Phobia (Paranoid Mix)

04 I’ll Be Your Dog

05 Take It (Pure Sexy Dub)

06 Flapping

07 Crackerjack (Clive Langer Version)

08 Don’t Talk Just Kiss

09 Better Life

10 Take It (Edge Of The Box Mix)

11 Weekender (Audrey Is A Little Bit More Partial)

12 Crackerjack (Everyone You Know Remix)

Double LP

A Side

A1 Sunshine

A2 Take It

A3 Crackerjack

A4 Mr Happy Reveller

A5 Hysterically Blue

flowered up

B Side

B1 It’s On

B2 Silver Pan

B3 Phobia

B4 Egg Rush

B5 Doris… Is A Little Bit Partial

C Side

C1. Weekender 12:53

D Side

D2. Weatherall’s Weekender (Audrey Is A Little Bit Partial mix)


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