FerrariLover shares video for new single 'Barely Black' - Watch Now


Post-punk revival, darkwave, dream pop/ethereal, minimal wave and alternative fans take notice. FerrariLover® releases sultry gothic lovelorn anthem “Barely Black” (a darkwave fairy tale) on Friday, 26 November (fittingly “Black Friday” in the U.S.).

Nico Wyland, aka FerrarILover, reveals her/his prowess as a true darkwave/gothgaze producer having played every instrument on the track, and unleashing ethereal, lovelorn vocals that tell a relatable tale: “lost my mind in love but I’ll aways have / barely black / this 9 to 5 world / breaks my heart/ everyday.”

Watch the video for 'Barely Black' - BELOW:

The driving hypnotic track is Sisters of Mercy meets a gender-bending shoegaze version of Depeche Mode, Joy Division meets Jesus and Mary Chain, Suede meets Spritiualized® as played by the KVB.

“Barely Black (Dark Dance Mix)” will feature on the “Draacool” album vinyl, expected in late 2022.

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