EP REVIEW: Lamorn – Encore


EP REVIEW: Lamorn – Encore

Electronic artist Lamorn releases his debut EP, Encore, via mau5trap. The EP, a collection of eight tracks, including “Physical Layer” and “Between Us,” arrives just after Lamorn made his Red Rocks debut with deadmau5.

Talking about the EP, Lamorn shares, “My life has changed a lot this past year. I can feel my childhood moving further away as adult life is beginning to kick in. ‘Encore’ reflects on that, being a song about missing the past but also looking forward to the memories that are yet to be made. It’s always been my goal to make a body of work that feels like a good representation of who I am in a certain era of my life. The first time I listened through the finished tracklist, I knew immediately that I had achieved that goal. This is me, and I’m very excited about that.”

Lamorn broke through with the release of “Physical Layer,” praised by Rolling Stone, etc. He followed with “Lonely Night,” which caught the attention of Forbes, who declared it “spellbinding.” So far this year, he has performed at The Brooklyn Mirage, The Rawhide Event Centre, and The Factory and his recent performance at Red Rocks.

The EP begins with the title track, opening on a potent thumping rhythm supporting gleaming keyboards. Lamorn’s plush falsetto imbues the lyrics with delicious melodicism. Highlights include “Physical Layer,” rolling out on creamy layers of percolating synths topped by repetitive vocals, followed by vociferous synths. Driven by a fat bassline, the rhythm pushes forward with a luscious mid-tempo cadence.

Two versions of “Between Us” appear on the EP: “Between Us” and “Between Us (Reprise).” Darker and deeper, the original version delivers streaming filaments of coruscating colours, riding a hefty kick-drum with swirling synth hues overhead.

The final track, “Lonely Light,” featuring Molly Otto, travels on glistening, platinum colours from arpeggiated synths, cresting a fascinating, galloping rhythm. Molly’s voice, rife with melancholy, imbues the lyrics with her inner ache and yearning for love.

With Encore, Lamorn demonstrates a maturity belying his age, only 18, as well as a gift for contagious electronic music.

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