EIREWAVE RADIO expands its network with a new frequency in Belfast on DAB+


Eirewave, the premier destination for celebrating the vibrant pop-rock scene of the UK and Ireland, proudly announces the expansion of its broadcast with a new frequency on DAB+ in Belfast.

Since its inception in 2022, Eirewave has been making significant waves with its programming and dedication to showcasing the best in pop-rock from the UK and Ireland. Broadcasting on DAB+ in Manchester, Eirewave has become synonymous with quality music, engaging content, and an unwavering commitment to an ad-free broadcasting experience.

“In expanding our presence to Belfast, Eirewave embraces the city’s rich musical legacy, seamlessly integrating into the vibrant pop-rock scene of the UK and Ireland. Our commitment to highlighting local artists and showcasing Belfast’s diverse soundscape aligns with our global mission. By establishing a presence in this musically significant city, we aim to amplify the voices of the region, providing a platform for British and Irish pop-rock from the 80s to the present. While there are numerous radio stations in Northern Ireland that play pop, dance, and R&B, the pop-rock genre has historically played a pivotal role in Northern Ireland. It has featured notable artists such as Gary Lightbody and bands like Two Door Cinema Club, The Divine Comedy, The Undertones, and Therapy?. Therefore, it was unfortunate not to have a radio station like Eirewave in Belfast,” explained Olivier Mauxion, the owner of Eirewave.

Mauxion added, “Many of these stations also place significant emphasis on talk and news. As Terry Doyle, our Lunchtime Lowdown presenter, likes to say, ‘No news is good news.’ We have decided not to broadcast any news except those related to music. Eirewave is a true musical radio station with less talk compared to others. In this environment, we can confidently state that Eirewave, targeting the 35-54 age group and exclusively playing British and Irish pop-rock from the 80s to today, fills a significant gap in the radio market in a city like Belfast.”


With an eye on the future, Eirewave is set to extend its reach to new cities, with Belfast being the latest addition to its growing network in the UK. Additionally, Eirewave would love to see the Republic of Ireland embrace DAB+ technology in the near future.

The new frequency in Belfast on DAB+ is a testament to Eirewave’s dedication to reaching audiences far and wide, ensuring that the distinctive sounds of the UK and Irish pop-rock continue to captivate listeners across regions. This expansion also opens up exciting possibilities for collaboration with local artists and musicians, further enriching Eirewave’s programming with fresh and unique content.

Eirewave remains steadfast in its commitment to providing an ad-free radio experience, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the music without interruption.

About Eirewave Radio:

Eirewave has been celebrating the vibrant pop-rock scene of the UK and Ireland since its inception in 2022. They have been making waves by broadcasting on DAB+ in Manchester. With ambitious plans to extend their reach to new cities in the near future, Eirewave remains committed to building a strong community of music lovers who share their passion. Eirewave operates as an ad-free radio station and will continue to do so.

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