Depeche Mode will release 'Live In Berlin DVD' on 17th November filmed at the O2 World Berlin on Nov. 25 and 27 during last years "Delta Machine" tour. The concert film, directed by long time collaborator Anton Corbijn, features live performances of classics, such as “A Question of Time” and “Enjoy the Silence”, and will feature two hours of unseen concert footage.

The deluxe version offers a total immersion, all access experience for fans. This will include the Live in Berlin DVD, the Live in Berlin full show audio across two CDs, as well as a second DVD, Alive in Berlin. Also directed by Corbijn, Alive in Berlin includes the full live show, inter-spliced with behind-the-scenes footage, multiple interviews with the band and their fans, and a 2-song acoustic session, which was filmed at Salon Bel Ami, the oldest existing brothel in Berlin.

The package also includes the band’s 2013 album Delta Machine 5.1 mix on Blu-Ray CD. All this comes specially packaged in a beautiful lift off box that includes 5 CD mini-jackets housing the aforementioned discs and a 16 page booklet.

“Alive in Berlin is a record of Depeche Mode visiting Berlin for two concerts and the impact it has on fans following the band. Berlin has a special place in the hearts of Depeche Mode. Likewise, Depeche Mode has a strong following in the German capital and the film tries to capture the highlights of these concerts as well as that special connection through interviews with fans and bands alike,” states director Anton Corbijn.

Live in Berlin DVD Tracklist:

1. "Intro"
2. "Welcome To My World"
3. "Angel"
4. "Walking In My Shoes"
5. "Precious"
6. "Black Celebration"
7. "Should Be Higher"
8. "Policy Of Truth"
9. "The Child Inside"
10. "But Not Tonight"
11. "Heaven"
12. "Soothe My Soul"
13. "A Pain That I’m Used To"
14. "A Question Of Time"
15. "Enjoy The Silence"
16. "Personal Jesus"
17. "Shake The Disease"
18. "Halo"
19. "Just Can’t Get Enough"
20. I Feel You"
21. "Never Let Me Down Again"
22. "Goodbye"
23. "Credits"

Alive in Berlin DVD Tracklist:

Full live show + 15 interview pieces
Bordello Acoustic Session: Condemnation and Judas

Live in Berlin CD Tracklist:


1. "Welcome To My World"
2. "Angel"
3. "Walking In My Shoes"
4. "Precious"
5. "Black Celebration"
6. "Should Be Higher"
7. "Policy Of Truth"
8. "The Child Inside"
9. "But Not Tonight"
10. "Heaven"
11. "Soothe My Soul"


1. "A Pain That I’m Used To"
2. "A Question Of Time"
3. "Enjoy The Silence"
4. "Personal Jesus"
5. "Shake The Disease"
6. "Halo"
7. "Just Can’t Get Enough"
8. "I Feel You"
9. "Never Let Me Down"
10. "Goodbye"

Delta Machine 5.1 Audio Blu-ray CD Tracklist:

1. "Welcome To My World"
2. "Angel"
3. "Heaven"
4. "Secret To The End"
5. "My Little Universe"
6. "Slow"
7. "Broken"
8. "The Child Inside"
9. "Soft Touch/Raw Nerve"
10. "Should Be Higher"
11. "Alone"
12. "Soothe My Soul"
13. "Goodbye"
14. "Long Time Lie"
15. "Happens All The Time"
16. "Always"
17. "All That’s Mine"

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