DEPECHE MODE announce 'Exciter - The 12" Singles' boxset

DEPECHE MODE announce 'Exciter - The 12" Singles' boxset 2

Sony Music Entertainment's Depeche Mode 12" vinyl singles project continues with the release of Exciter | The 12" Singles on 10 June 2022. Exciter | The 12" Singles, a collector's edition deluxe box set, contains eight 12" vinyl discs presenting four singles--Dream On, I Feel Loved, Freelove, and Goodnight Lovers--with B-sides, remixes, instrumentals, acoustic versions and other recordings contemporaneous to Depeche Mode's tenth studio album, Exciter, originally released in May 2001.

Three of the 12" vinyl discs* in Exciter | The 12" Singles are comprised of tracks first released across CD singles throughout the album campaign. Each of these new discs feature artwork reflecting the original CD single releases, to create newly compiled 12"s visually and musically complementing the initial releases. The collection includes electrifying remixes of Depeche Mode originals and the single version of "Dirt," DM's riveting interpretation of The Stooges classic.

Produced by pioneering British techno DJ Mark Bell, Exciter, the 21st century's first new Depeche Mode studio album, took the group (Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Andrew Fletcher) into deeper ambient electronic and acoustic territory while sharpening the pop hook edges in the sublime new songs. The Exciter campaign continued Depeche Mode's tradition of issuing monumental 12" singles to supplement and compliment their album releases. Exciter premiered essential new additions to the DM canon including "Dream On," "I Feel Loved," "Freelove," "Goodnight Lovers" and more. The Exciter | The 12" Singles deluxe package includes a replica of the "Dream On" promotional poster and the large format poster that came with the 12" of Goodnight Lovers.

From their earliest days as a band, Depeche Mode have championed 12" vinyl, embracing the format's singular power and potential for innovation. The 12" single allowed the band to explore new sonic possibilities while the tactile real-world beauty of physical packaging gave Depeche Mode room to develop their sophisticated and commanding design aesthetic. Depeche Mode have used their singles discography as a means of offering left field remixes, rare B-sides, standout concert performances and other exclusive delights for fans.

Sony Music Entertainment released the first two box sets in the Depeche Mode 12" singles series--Speak & Spell | The Singles and A Broken Frame | The Singles--in August 2018 with the second batch--Construction Time Again | The 12" Singles and Some Great Reward | The 12" Singles--arriving in December 2018. SME released Depeche Mode's Black Celebration | The 12" Singles and Music For The Masses | The 12" Singles on 31 May 2019. 2020 saw the release of Violator | The 12" Singles in July and Songs of Faith and Devotion | The 12" Singles in October. The ninth collection in the series, Ultra | The 12" Singles was released on 27 September 2021.

Each box set in the series contains the singles from each Depeche Mode album on audiophile-quality 12" vinyl, with audio mastered from the original tapes. The artwork for the exterior of each of the box sets draws on iconography inspired by the original releases, while the vinyl sleeves themselves feature the original single artwork.

Depeche Mode 12" vinyl singles project

The Depeche Mode 12" Singles Series will continue over coming years, with plans to release boxes containing the singles from each of the band's albums in similar deluxe audiophile-grade collector's editions.

Exciter | The 12'' Singles

Dream On (12BONG 30)
A Dream On (Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix)
AA Dream On (Dave Clarke Mix)
AA Dream On (Bushwacka Blunt Mix)

*Dream On (L12BONG30) (newly compiled additional 12" vinyl single)
A Dream On (Single Version)
A Easy Tiger (Full Version)
A Easy Tiger (Bertrand Burgalat & A.S Dragon Version)
A Dream On (Dave Clarke Acoustic Version)
B Dream On (Octagon Man Mix)
B Dream On (Octagon Man Dub)
B Dream On (Kid 606 Mix)

I Feel Loved (12BONG 31)
A I Feel Loved (Danny Tenaglia's Labor Of Love Edit)
AA I Feel Loved (Danny Tenaglia's Labor Of Love Dub)

I Feel Loved (L12BONG 31)
A I Feel Loved (Umek Mix)
AA I Feel Loved (Thomas Brinkmann Remix)
AA I Feel Loved (Chamber's Remix)

*I Feel Loved (XL12BONG31) (newly compiled additional 12" vinyl single)
A I Feel Loved (Single Version)
A Dirt (Single Version)
B I Feel Loved (Extended Instrumental)
B I Feel Loved (Desert After Hours Dub)

Freelove (12BONG 32)
A Freelove (Console Remix)
A Freelove (Schlammpeitziger "Little Rocking Suction Pump Version")
A Zenstation (Atom's Stereonerd Remix)
B Freelove (Bertrand Burgalat Remix)
B Freelove (DJ Muggs Remix)

*Freelove (L12BONG32) (newly compiled additional 12" vinyl single)
A Freelove (Flood Mix)
A Zenstation
A Freelove (Josh Wink Vocal Interpretation)
B Freelove (Deep Dish Freedom Remix)
B Freelove (Powder Productions Remix)

Goodnight Lovers (12BONG 33)
A Goodnight Lovers
A When The Body Speaks (Acoustic Version)
B The Dead Of The Night (Electronicat Remix)
B Goodnight Lovers (Isan Falling Leaf Mix)

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