DAVID KEENAN reveals his new single 'Altar Wine' - Watch Video

DAVID KEENAN reveals his new single 'Altar Wine' - Watch Video

David Keenan has today revealed his new single 'Altar Wine' and its accompanying video. The new track follows the warmly-welcomed ‘Tin Pan Alley’ and is a further taste of his forthcoming debut album 'A Beginner's Guide To Bravery', out January 10, 2020.

Currently on tour around Europe and the UK with Hozier, ‘Altar Wine’ finds him, with film director Mark William Logan, unpicking insecurities that have haunted him, and, in a wider context, his homeland, for many years.

David says:

“The sculpting of this visual piece of work demanded that I face - head-on - all of said traumas and insecurities and repressions that lived in me since childhood. Art heals, that's why I pursue it. It gives joys, insights, and reliefs from the many madnesses that come and go. As a young man, I felt the many stings of sensitivity when greeted with a conditioned societal sense of toxic masculinity which dogged, and still dogs, rural Ireland and the rest of the world.

Through the medium of this video and as a result of my relationship with director Mark William Logan I felt ready to embrace all of the trauma within and without.”

Mark adds:

“Altar Wine is a film exploring the exorcism and ultimate relief from the pain and trauma we have all endured as a result of our humanness. The ancestral trauma which was passed down to us by our elders, who were themselves, victims. Victims of oppression, judgment, and abuse. Altar Wine is a film about the demonification of the feminine by religious institutions, the abuse of our planet by capitalism and the fear-based trauma passed down through parents.”

Watch the video for 'Altar Wine' - BELOW:

‘Altar Wine’ is the next step on a path that the young writer from the border counties has been carving for the past three years, following a series of self-released EPs and all-consuming live performances that have added to his burgeoning reputation in Ireland and beyond.

Live dates can be found at davidkeenan.ie

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