CRISTOBAL & JAMIEZ rework iconic dance track 'SUGAR DADDY' - Listen Now

CRISTOBAL & JAMIEZ rework iconic dance track 'SUGAR DADDY' - Listen Now

Early support from Aly and Fila, Lonya, Golf Clap, Cevin Fisher, Kiz Pattison, Anthony Pappa, Ian Dillon, Max Graham, Chris Fortier, Cream, Juliane Wolf, Nila Alin. For one part of Cristobal & Jamiez, this track is the 'Hold Grail' of Progressive House, Jamiez got a vinyl copy of Secret Knowledge Sugar Daddy on White Label early in 1993 from a Record Shop in Belfast, he'd heard Belfast's David Holmes play it the week before at one of his & Iian Macready's legendary club nights, and badly wanted it to play himself in Tokyo Joes where he himself was a resident.

He bought it, played it, loved it and still cherishes that track to this day.....

Fast forward 27 Years & Cristobal & Jamiez are in a studio in November 2019 having listened to Sugar Daddy again, and again wondering should they touch one of the untouched classics.......they decided to give it a go.

Revoicing, reworking gender-changing, rejuvenating and delivering a version that according to a legend very close to the original production team who is unnamed is quoted as saying......

'its a very important track form his past. A very hard track to improve on as it is hard to add sparkle to something that has loads of sparkle. What you have done is give it a new id and done it very tastefully'

Sugar Daddy returns in 2020 for a new generation of Electronic Music enthusiasts to hear and dance to, looking over its shoulder, nodding & showing appreciation and total respect for its historic past at a very much simpler time in clubbing.

"A very tasteful rework of an absolute classic. This track takes a special place now after the untimely passing of Andrew "the guvnor" Weatherall. A fitting tribute to a legend". - David Holmes

Listen to 'Sugar Daddy' - BELOW:

Download 'Sugar Daddy' by Cristobal & Jamiez

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