Composing for Digital Products

Composing for Digital Products

The video game industry is home to a vast number of careers. From game developers to coders and marketing departments, the hallways of gaming companies like mFortune Online Casino are filled with talented and dedicated staff ready to improve the gaming experience.

There are even talented musicians working in the gaming industry. Although that may seem peculiar at first, who do you think makes the awesome music behind many of the online slot games and even within the casino lobbies? This post is focussed on taking an inside look at the lives of music composers working to make gaming even better!

Why Does Music Matter?

The gaming experience is more than just reels and cards. Themes, visuals and of course the music all come together to make or break a game in the eyes of reviewers as well as players. When the music works well with the rest of the game’s components, it can add a new dimension of energy, excitement or even calm your nerves while playing. Most slot games are themed – if not every single one of them – and that requires the music to play into that theme and help the gamer buy into the world they are gaming in. Overall, without thought through and carefully crafted music, a casino game will not be as popular. This benefits both casinos and their members.

The Responsibilities of a Digital Product Music Composer

If you already thought the role of a digital product music composer was fun, you are going to be more than jealous when you see what their day-to-day lives involve. Here are some of their biggest responsibilities:

Playing the game – is there a better type of job “research”? Well, maybe not and these successful composers actually get to try the games for themselves. Although this sounds like a blast, they are actually working as they play them to make important decisions regarding the music they will develop for the game.

Composing the music – their bread and butter involves making the music to be added to the game. This means phones need to be put away, email inboxes logged out of and meticulous decisions to get things just right.

Researching – as well as playing the game for research purposes, these guys and girls also need to research the current trends on the market. This means looking at competitors’ online casinos, their games and the music they are implementing.

Integration – this is the part that most musicians and composers will have had to develop when getting into their new role. They may have been masters of crafting music, but then the music has to be implemented into the game using technologies and software. Some composers may not have to do this aspect and it could be left to another professional.

Do You Want to Compose Music for Casinos?

If these responsibilities sound like something for you, there are many opportunities to get involved. Start searching on your local job site and see which online casinos are currently hiring. There are also composing jobs in film and TV, so there are exciting opportunities for all who fancy it.

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