Boris Carloff - Releases New Single 'Haunted' - Listen Now!

Boris Carloff - Releases New Single 'Haunted' - Listen Now!

Winner of two Czech Music Awards, Boris Carloff is a producer, composer, engineer and musician whose musical style is hard to pinpoint, taking in the flavours of Classical, Jazz, Indie Rock, Pop and Electronic music. Boris, who has played as a musician in Norway, UK, Germany and Italy, comes from the Czech Republic and is a classically trained violinist.

With an appreciation of all genres of music stemming back to his childhood, it’s easy to see that Boris Carloff's passion is underpinned with a longstanding discipline and energy that has earned him the backing of several highly respected labels. His debut was released on London based label Tracktion with a project called Palm Beat. He signed to Red Salamanda Records as an artist and released the ‘Good Stuff EP ‘. The record was received well by tastemakers around the world, most notably were the airings for 'First Joy' on Gilles Peterson’s BBC 6 Music show. Boris released his music in Japan with label Nuro and is currently working with Germany's Emerald and Doreen Records on latest single 'Haunted' and his new album 'Solipsist', which is released on October 13th.

Of the forthcoming record, Boris explains "The Solipsist album is about anything outside my own mind which is unsure, in that the external world might not exist outside my mind. So I'm building my own worlds, my own musical bubbles and worlds built from tones, melodies and harmonies. Modern humans live in these kinds of bubbles socials, media). They're happy under their own glass domes and their way of solipsism".

Watch 'Haunted' BELOW:

London's The Madley Brothers have produced a powerful video to accompany the single, which tells the story of a guy who’s in love with his best mate’s girlfriend. The video captures the night where these repressed feelings are freed; they hang heavy in the air, dangerously intoxicating.

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