BIRDPEN share ‘Life In Design’ from new album ‘All Function One’ out March 2021

BIRDPEN share ‘Life In Design’ from new album ‘All Function One’ out March 2021 1
BirdPen : live photo by Fabrice Saudoyez

Based on the English south coast, BirdPen mix elements of alternative guitar rock, experimental electronica and Krautrock with cinematic moods, all delivered with powerful and meaningful lyrics. They have released five studio albums to date.

Written, recorded and produced by the core group duo of Dave Pen (also singer and guitarist in Archive) and Mike Bird, and mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios, the forthcoming ‘All Function One’ was written as the world was changing at the outset of the 2020 pandemic and is an album about isolation, digital sadness, loneliness, deep fakes, paranoia and living a modern cyber life.

Listen to ‘Life In Design’ – BELOW:

The song ‘Life In Design’ is available as a single from today (10th February). With a post-punk-psych musical vibe and a My Bloody Valentinesque chorus, the band describe the song as being about “someone who gets out of bed on another crappy day, makes their way to work and sees other faceless people around them who are numb to their surroundings. They might think they have the dream life but they are all really slaves to the modern treadmill of formulated life. Organic fruit wrapped in plastic, everything we see having to be backed up and saved in case we forget, etc. It’s enough to make you lose your mind if you think about it all.”

all function one

1 Function
2 Life In Design
3 Modern Junk
4 Shakes
5 Seat 35
6 Blackhole
7 Flames
8 Otherside
9 Changes
10 Universe
11 Invisible
12 Undone

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