BAD ATOMS – Shares debut song ‘Kilogrammes’ – Listen / Download

BAD ATOMS - Shares debut song ‘Kilogrammes’ - Listen / Download

Introducing Bad Atoms, the story of Felix Davis’s West London heartbreak. After breaking up with his long-term girlfriend, Felix moved to Kilburn and locked himself in a room for a year. When he emerged from the darkness he had a heartfelt record, full of vulnerability and regret, but also optimism. The first single, ‘Kilogrammes’, is a duet between Felix and Jimmy Page’s daughter Jana.

Available as a free download HERE, ‘Kilogrammes’ was written under the influence, while watching a documentary on the origins of the metric system. Davis became fascinated with how anything can be measured, including happiness.

Holding true to a strict DIY ethic, all songs were recorded at Felix’s house in Kensal Rise. Vocals and acoustic guitars were recorded at unsociable hours in the shower of the shared bathroom, the rest recorded in the bedroom. Listen carefully and you’ll hear his housemates walking up and down the stairs during some of the quieter moments.

With a desire to record an album to coax tears from punks and hippies alike, the debut album ‘Tell Your Friends’ is a completely self-produced project with Felix mastering the record and playing every recorded instrument himself.


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