American singer-songwriter Vince Grant unveils video for ‘Sweet Addiction’

American singer-songwriter Vince Grant unveils video for 'Sweet Addiction'

Critically acclaimed American singer-songwriter Vince Grant unveils video for ‘Sweet Addiction’. Vince Grant’s highly praised EP ‘My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me’ is a record created by harnassing the energy of mental illness and channelling it into music in order to provide meaning. Following its release, the EP itself has come to act as a conduit for communication for a huge number of people who have previously felt isolated by their disease, evidenced by the many messages Grant has received from listeners around the world who have identified with his compositions.

Writing songs about his ongoing battle with depression is a cathartic release for Grant. “I write songs to cope,” he says.“To liberate my thoughts and feelings on the page and be able to marry the words to music, it’s a fantastic feeling.”

Watch video for ‘Sweet Addiction’ BELOW:

Vince is characterisically frank when discussing his mental health issues. “I’ve suffered from depression my whole life, really can’t recall a time I haven’t been depressed, even as a kid. In more joyful moments, I was and still am aware of the specter of the disease lurking in the shadows, hovering around me and waiting to pounce at any moment. It’s an unnerving way to live. After years of painful confusion I was placed on psychiatric drugs and later diagnosed as being bipolar. I took these medications for quite some time and during the last four years of treatment was on three different psych meds per day. During this period I was also self-medicating by drinking heavily and using various street drugs as well as abusing my prescription medications. I write songs to cope. I’d like to say I write songs to heal, but that may be asking too much.”

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