ALBUM REVIEW: Tricky – Fall To Pieces


ALBUM REVIEW: Tricky – Fall To Pieces

Despite the name of the newest long play by Tricky, it seems that the maestro of trip-hop has united all the different aspects of his career. Whether these are references to his debut – Maxinquaye or chaotic tension of Angels With Dirty Faces. You won’t hear typical for maestro type of recitative.

As always – he’s hiding somewhere behind the mixing board. Bits and vibes are mixed together within the voice of Marta Złakowska. The most recent collaborator brings a certain disbalance to Fall To Pieces. A conflict that clashed and, as result – resonated more than any of Tricky’s recent albums. Cross-cultural meditation where the same man behind the mixing board teleports you through crowded streets of Berlin, where the album was recorded, to an opium den somewhere in Nha Trang. Giving you a chance to get there to feel and listen to this lullaby-type of singing. To the voice of Martha which is different from the rest of the singers Tricky used to work and collaborate with over nearly three decades of his career. It sounds laconic all though the record whether this is ‘Running Off’ or the nearly intoxicating whispering of ‘Vietnam’.

Tricky, himself notices that within Fall To Pieces he got to “making pop”. With this, it doesn’t sound like a pop record rather than a point, where he finally found a common language between himself and his inner-collaborator.

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