ALBUM REVIEW: The Veils – And Out Of The Void Came Love

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The Veils - …And Out Of The Void Came Love

After a Biblical interval of seven years, a time of questioning, confinement, and uncertainty, The Veils releases their double album, …And Out Of The Void Came Love, via Ba Da Bing Records.

The extended hiatus was the result of singer-songwriter Finn Andrews breaking his wrist while performing, followed by a long convalescence during which Andrews wrote new material. Meanwhile, The Veils needed a new record label, which was followed by two years of intermittent recording between lockdowns. Then Andrews’ wife became pregnant, and yet more songs started coming.

Encompassing 15 tracks, the album begins with “Time,” opening on lush, evocative strings rolling into an elegant piano topped by Andrews’ haunting voice, oozing velvety timbres. Dreamy and pensive, the lyrics evoke the liability of time’s passage.

Entry points include “Undertow,” with its rounded percussive tones and low-slung gleaming guitars as Andrews’ wistful vocals imbue the lyrics with musing colouration. Whereas “Epoch” rolls out on thick, potent guitars riding an edgy rhythm. Andrews’ growling, strident vocals infuse the tune with portentous flavours, urgent and tense.

The Latin-laced guitar of “Made From Love With Far To Go” provides the matrix for Andrews’ rich, dramatic voice as vibrating textures give the tune a frisson of trembling passion. A personal favourite, “I’ve Been Waiting,” the wistful, melancholic aromas of the swaying harmonics bathe the song in the essence of the human condition, waiting, complemented by a feeling of needing to be found.

The last track, “Cradle Song,” akin to a child’s lullaby, at once compassionate and gentle, floats on a soft piano, followed by slowly swelling to luxurious layers of delicate surfaces. Andrews’ warm, sensitive vocals, accented by blushing harmonies, immerse the lyrics in honeyed wisps.

Innovative and oh-so enchanting, …And Out Of The Void Came Love, mirrors the intimate, personal evolution of Finn Andrews.


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