Album Review: The Pigeon Detectives – Broken Glances


Album Review: The Pigeon Detectives - Broken Glances

English indie rock band from Leeds, The Pigeon Detectives, are back with their 5th album Broken Glances. Which follows platinum selling debut album Wait for Me, gold selling 2nd album Emergency, Up Guards & At Em! and We Met at Sea. This album was purposefully written for the fans to say thank you for their support. If you are a dedicated fan of the Pigeon Detectives, you will find the album different in areas but pleasing at the same time. It is very different to their previous album We Met at Sea, but still has hints of their usual guitar rift and hard hitting drum beats throughout the album, in addition to a pulsating synth and techno beat that has now been found.

The band say on their website that “This album is a documentary of that decade, it’s exciting and unapologetic to be different. It represents a more minimalist and experimental side to the band, while still retaining the Pigeons signature of great melodies and hooks, we’ve tried to set these to a backdrop of instrumentation not usually associated with the band”.

I have to say that I agree with them. After their previous album, We Met at Sea in 2013, Broken Glances is a refreshing but different direction that the band have taken. The whole album has a close relation to that of the new sound from The Kaiser Chiefs. The opening track Wolves especially is very stripped back and would be a perfect mid gig step back to calm down the crowd and let them recharge before taking it up a notch with possibly the best track off the album Stay with Me as the guitar rift is out of this world and the drums have you tapping out a beat. The new techno sound and synths are seen throughout all the songs on the album and compliment Matt Bowmen’s vocals accordingly. The sound seen is new and refreshing in parts with a mix of their older and stable sound present throughout. The energy in the most upbeat song off the album Enemy Lines changes sound yet again particularly love the bridge section into the final chorus. This song will be a definite crowd pleaser and I can see it as a possible opening track on tour.

Even if you are not a dedicated fan of The Pigeon Detectives this album will get you hooked as the mix of techno with a rocking drum beat and awesome guitar riffs will keep you coming back for more.

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