ALBUM REVIEW: Stay Inside – Ferried Away

3.5 rating
ALBUM REVIEW: Stay Inside - Ferried Away

Stay Inside, the post-hardcore/indie/emo ensemble, unveils their sophomore album, Ferried Away, a compelling follow-up to their EP, My Fault, released in January 2024, setting the stage for a more immersive sonic journey.

Having made an impactful debut with Viewing in 2020, a masterful blend of atmospheric nuances and emo undertones exploring eschatological themes, Stay Inside found resonance with audiences during the pandemic-induced lockdown. Now, with Ferried Away, the band ushers in a different musical landscape, drawing inspiration from the celebratory vibes of bands like Cymbals Eat Guitars, Dogleg, Clipse, and The Microphones.

The album’s thematic nucleus is Steeplechase Park, situated on Coney Island. The historical backdrop of the park, ravaged by fire in 1907, rebuilt, and eventually closed in 1964, becomes a metaphorical landscape for appreciating moments with loved ones. Stay Inside encapsulates this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of gratitude and cherishing positive influences in one’s life.

Spanning nine tracks, Ferried Away showcases standout moments, such as the opening track, “Bon Zs,” where robust guitars weave through a nuanced rhythm, complemented by brassy trumpets against edgy harmonics. “A Backyard” stands out with its shimmering, jangly guitars, exuding breezy energy and an invigorating rhythm that propels the song forward.

The intensity escalates with “An Invitation,” where buzzing guitars evolve into staggering riffs, accompanied by a vocal delivery expressing profound angst. The track culminates in a soft, unresolved outro, adding depth to the emotional journey. “My Fault” delights with gentle, gleaming guitars, a mellifluous trumpet, and a buoyant bassline, creating a melody that captivates with its infectious motion.

Closing the album is “Steeplechase,” a composition blending alternative elements with jazz-inspired nuances. The interplay between brass and angular percussion creates a unique duality, leaving a lasting impression.

While Ferried Away shines in individual moments, there’s a lingering sense of incompleteness, as if some diversity is missing, causing the album to veer towards a more homogeneous sound. Despite this, Stay Inside’s sophomore effort retains its charm, offering a good listening experience that may leave some yearning for more variety and exploration.


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