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Seth Glier

Grammy-nominated folk-pop singer-songwriter Seth Glier unveils his latest album, Everything, featuring eight compelling tracks that invite listeners to envision a future where humanity and the planet undergo a transformative restoration.

The inspiration for the album's title track struck Glier during a mushroom foraging expedition. Recounting the experience, he shares, "As I lifted the chantarelle mushroom to my nose, I was greeted with the sweet aroma of apricot, and suddenly, my spine straightened. It felt like déjà vu—an unfamiliar moment echoing a deeper, known connection. I was rediscovering a wisdom buried within."

Having served as a cultural diplomat for the US State Department and collaborated with musicians across the globe, including Ukraine, Mongolia, China, and Mexico, Seth Glier's diverse musical journey has seen him share stages with iconic artists like Ronnie Spector, James Taylor, Ani DiFranco, and Glen Campbell. His extensive work as a producer, music director, and studio musician spans collaborations with notable names such as Sophie B. Hawkins, Tom Rush, Antje Duvekot, Richard Shindell, Doctora Qingona, Dar Williams, Nick Carter, and Cyndi Lauper.

The album unfolds with the captivating "Rise," a song centred around the concept of rewilding. Glier's luscious tenor, accompanied by an acoustic guitar over an ebbing rhythm, lends evocative tones to the lyrics, while a sparkling piano enhances the melody with luminous colours.

An entry point into the album is the infectious "Finally Home," featuring delightful doo-wop and gospel-infused harmonies, creating an irresistibly rhythmic bounce. Another standout, "Witches of the Wind," showcases Glier's alluring voice against scratchy percussion and percolating surfaces, creating a mesmerizing melodicism. "Birches," a captivating acappella piece recorded in an old church, combines the voices of Cerys Matthews, Hayley Reardon, and Windborne with Glier in a simple yet evocative choral arrangement.

The softly poignant "My Body Remembers" unfolds with ethereal tones, sweeping strings, and dreamy harmonies, painting a vivid picture of intimate passing vistas that evoke wistfulness and nostalgia. Enveloped in silky sonic tapestries, Seth Glier's latest album is crafted as a cohesive musical journey, where each song seamlessly intertwines with the others to create a contemplative chronicle.


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